Netflix’s series ‘Black Mirror’ focuses on the subject of technology. The positive and negative effects of technology on our lives. This series explores the dark side of technology. Each season improves on the concept. How technology is taking over our lives, our time, our privacy, and our time. Black Mirror refers to the screens that we are glued to for many hours. These screens include TV screens, mobile screens, laptop screens, computer monitors, and television screens.

Technology is on the rise. Its drawbacks, however, can be managed. This bittersweet series aims at raising awareness. However, we all know that there will be drawbacks. But are we ready for them?

About The Seasons

The issue has been shown in the seasons rather discretely. Season 1 opens with the abduction and torture of Princess Susannah.

Season 2 shows how people are forced into doing tasks they do not enjoy. The only way out is to enter a talent competition and impress the judges.

Season 3 features obsession with status, videogames that are sophisticated enough to create stressful situations, and teens who are tempted to take the wrong path.

Season 4 is all about technology and how it forces people to work despite their busy lives. It also examines devices designed to track people and museums that hold criminal artifacts.

Season 5, the fifth season, is still engaging in sharing information about technology misuse and robots that disturb mental peace. They are non-living and have caused a lot of trouble.

Is Season 6 Coming?

The series is one of Netflix’s most popular. Season 5 received good reviews, although we can see a decrease in episodes. Season 6 is still available on standby. There are no plans for season 6 at this time.

The show is highly recommended, as it may be relatable to us in many ways. We hope that the series has done all it can to spread its message. We could only wait for season 6.