Daniel Calparsoro has demonstrated throughout his career his predilection for the thriller. A-One Hundred Years of Forgiveness The Warning or The Silence of the White City has been joined this year by Hasta el Cielo a production starring Miguel Herrán with which the actor from La casa de Papel y Elite returns to the big screen in the skin of a robber.

Luis Tosar an old collaborator of the director has also participated in this last film as Rogelio a mafia boss who welcomes Herran’s character Angel when the latter joins a dangerous band of robbers.

To all these proper names we must add that of the screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarría a regular collaborator of Alex de la Iglesia to understand why Hasta el Cielo has made a niche for itself at the top of the Spanish box office. It’s no wonder that Netflix has rushed to acquire international rights to the fiction to develop a series that will continue the movie’s plot.

The streaming giant will recover the story of the film right where it left it and will once again have Calparsoro behind the cameras as well as Guerricaechevarría taking charge of the script. With Vaca Films as a production company, the project is still in the development phase and at the moment there is no confirmed cast. Nor do we know if Miguel Herran Luis Tosar or Carolina Yuste will resume their roles on the small screen.

Let us remember that Hasta el Cielo brings to the screen a story based on real events although it does not focus on a particular case but on several. This being the case the director and the screenwriter have plenty of material to continue traveling through the most corrupt Madrid.