The third season of Cobra Kai is coming. Through a Netflix teaser, we saw a little bit of what we can expect when she arrives in service in 2021. Whether you’ve been excited about the Karate Kid after its recent launch on Netflix or if you’ve been a fan since its debut on YouTube Premium, there’s a lot to cheer up as we look at the third season of Cobra Kai.

From now on we will have spoilers for the end of the second season of Cobra Kai.

At the end of Season 2 of Cobra Kai, things look pretty bad for most characters. Kreese, unsurprisingly, became a complete villain. He reveals that he managed to rob the Cobra Kai academy and his students from Johnny Lawrence. Lawrence’s main student, Miguel, is under intensive treatment after suffering a fall during a fight between Daniel LaRusso’s Miyagi-Do dojo and the Cobra Kai children.

LaRusso also did not escape completely unscathed. His obsession with Cobra Kai drove his wife away, and his daughter Sam is in the hospital thanks to the injuries he sustained in the Cobra Kai / Miyagi-Do punch.

The series ends with Johnny and Daniel sad, blaming themselves for the confusion that closes the season.

And that is Cobra Kai in a nutshell. On the one hand, it is a program about middle-aged men and the damage their obsession with the past is doing to them and the people around them. On the other hand, it is about two rival dojos of teenage karate masters powered by hormones kicking each other’s shadows.

If you are looking forward to the 3rd season of Cobra Kai, here is everything there is to know so far.

Cobra Kai season 3 release date: when will it arrive on Netflix?

In short: On January 1, 2021. In other words, Karate Kid fans probably won’t have to wait long. Although the coronavirus pandemic has harmed most of the ongoing productions, Cobra Kai’s 3rd season has already been filmed and was undergoing its final adjustments when the pandemic occurred.

Speaking with CBR, series co-creator and executive producer Josh Heald confirmed that the main photography ended before the end of 2019, and the season is almost done.

“Fortunately, with the third season, we finished production before the end of 2019 and post-production, there was a bit of a delay,” Heald told CBR. “We were still doing some finishing touches to the effects and some quality checks in season 3. This happened when the quarantine was just beginning, but we finished our final mix. That is the last major part of post-production – which was done in person.

So, Cobra Kai almost ready. As one of Netflix’s newest acquisitions, it looks like it really depends on the streaming giant when they want to release the third season of Cobra Kai.

Plot: everything that has been released so far

There is not much detail about the story of the third season of Cobra Kai. The recently released trailer for Cobra Kai on Netflix is a recap of the first two seasons. We only have a brief account of the third year. However, despite being scarce, the images we get at the end of the trailer offer some interesting insights.

So, Daniel is leaving for Okinawa, a place he last visited in Karate Kid II. This opens the door for the return of Karate Kid II characters like Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) and Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita). Chozen was Daniel’s enemy in Okinawa, while Kumiko was his love interest. However, the questions remain: Will Johnny and Miguel go to Okinawa too? What secrets did Mr. Miyagi hide from LaRusso?

As we find out more about the history of Cobra Kai season 3, we’ll add them here. For now, Netflix is keeping a lot of information about season 3 well-kept.

Cast: Who will return?

The Netflix teaser reveals very little about who might reappear in season three. The original characters Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) will return, in addition to Miguel (Xolo Maridueña).

There are still threads of the story hanging for some characters that you should expect to make a comeback, although we are not 100 percent certain that they will make an appearance yet.

There’s Robby Keene, Johnny’s son, for example. He has spent the last two seasons training with Daniel LaRusso. After being responsible for the fall that put Miguel breathing on devices, he ran away.

There is also John Kreese, who is currently in charge of the Cobra Kai dojo after stealing it in the shocking finale of season 2. He’s definitely wanting a bruise at this point, and it wouldn’t be a satisfying 3rd season if he didn’t receive at least some form of punishment.

Then there is Miguel’s mother, Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio), who was also, briefly, Johnny’s love interest at the end of season 2. Diaz represents a happier life and a path to normalcy, so it would be great to see you return here.

The second season ended with Johnny losing a Facebook friend request from high school sweetheart and Karate Kid character Ali Mills (played by Elisabeth Shue in the original film), which may mean that we will have some kind of love triangle on our hands in the new series .

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