Season 12 of NCIS Los Angeles has shown one of the biggest concerns with actress Linda Hunt’s character, Hetty Lange, which looks like it could be her last season.

Since the beginning of season 12 of NCIS LA, the character of Hetty has been appearing only by video calls to the operations headquarters, something that began to raise doubts.

At the series premiere Nell Jones, was in the office for a meeting when Hetty made a video call at a secret location where she was, wearing bulletproof vests, while bombs were falling.

At that point, Hetty appointed Nel as interim operations manager, 5 episodes later, Hetty reappeared, as Marty Deeks’ fairy godmother, to give her another chance at the NCIS Academy.

But the character’s appearances only by video calls may be suggesting to all fans of the series that his time on the show is ending, so the producer of the series, R Scott Gemmill talks about this.

However, with Hetty’s scenes dwindling in number, this could lead to Hunt saying goodbye to NCIS Los Angeles for good sometime in season 12.

Hetty’s actress, Linda Hunt, turned 75 this year, therefore it increasingly requires a greater effort to appear on the scene, in fact, a few years ago, she considered leaving the show in 2013.

The odds that we will see the exit of the actress with her character are increasingly certain for season 12 of NCIS Los Angeles.