The CBS network launched the twelfth season of the crime action drama spin-off NCIS Los Angeles in early November after going on hiatus for several months.

As NCIS Los Angeles fans know, Marty Deeks is living in a tight spot, after the police reform led to the special agent’s permanence in the criminal investigation service hanging by a thread.

Recall that Marty Deeks belongs to the Los Angeles City Police Department, but is temporarily attached to the Naval Criminal Investigation Service in the same city.

Deeks’ love interest, Kensi Blye, has shown his support by telling him that he must be calm that everything will work out, and that he must hope that ‘Hetty’ will move his influences so that his situation stabilizes and is not removed from his position.

On the other hand, in NCIS Los Angeles the unwavering agent Kensi Blye ( Daniela Ruah ), finds herself dealing with an evil character from her past. All the fans witnessed when in the second of the series’ consecutive episodes, she interrogates psychotic convict David Kessler, played by the episode’s writer, Frank Military.

As is known, before Kensi arrived at NCIS Los Angeles, she had sent the criminal to prison for trafficking in minors. After he escaped with another criminal, Kessler was recaptured and now Kensi is back in charge.

At NCIS Los Angeles, the criminal drug dealer has been obsessed with Kensi ever since he sent him to prison. While his partner in crime remains on the street with intentions to assassinate the president of the United States, Kessler demands to speak with the agent who knows his past very well. This is what Daniela Ruah said about the dark character:

“We don’t know why he’s obsessed with her. He’s a very sick, dark character, one of those guys who tries to push your buttons. Like, where can I stick my knife?”