Rafa Nadal expressed his maximum solidarity with the players who are having difficult confinement to be ready to play within the Australian Open, but he also asked them to avoid an excessive complaint about being in a room for 14 days for what’s being experienced at a global level with the coronavirus pandemic.

First of all, maximum solidarity with the colleagues who live it (the confinement in Australia) during a more unpleasant way, because being in a room for 14 days isn’t pleasant which i hope they need as little trouble as possible and that once they leave they’re going to have all the possible advantages for his or her preparation, Nadal said in an interview with the ESPN network in Argentina.

However, the Spaniard recalled that a very tough situation worldwide is being experienced which being confined for 14 days is unpleasant but compared to what’s happening within the world it’s a resignation. Those folks who sleep in countries hit by this, we live sad stories a day and when things like this happen a day, I feel that the excessive complaint about being 14 days during a room should attempt to ignore, he warned.

World number two stressed that, despite the pandemic, tennis players could also be lucky enough to compete which they’re in five-star hotels and with food, and surrounded by people that look out of them and try to try to what best possible. I applaud all those that have a positive and understanding attitude, he said.

Nadal sees understandable and totally respectable that there’s criticism that the foremost important players have better conditions, although he clarified that he has a slightly different vision from other players. Here in Adelaide, we’ve better conditions than most in Melbourne, but there are players there who have bigger rooms than others who cannot have contact with their coach, said the winner of 20 greats who in Adelaide has “four and a half hours to urge out of the space.

For the manager, it may be a matter of ethics, although he also stressed that he had not heard any player who is in Melbourne complain about having a better room than others there or about those that are confined without having the ability to coach “for traveling to Australia with a positive case on his flight.

You always search. We all attempt to get the simplest possible performance within our possibilities and within the end, we’ve to assist one another. Some got to make of these things public to assist, et al. we roll in the hay during a more private way, added the Spaniard. , in what might be a message to the Serbian Novak Djokovic and his criticized letter to the Australian hospitable relax the measures somewhat.

On the opposite hand, facing the new season, he made it clear that he’s not hooked into being a favorite which it’s nothing to try to do with signing up for the Rotterdam tournament before the likelihood of being one in March if the results are given. I signed up for Rotterdam because Indian Wells was canceled, not due to anything, he admitted.

Nor is he hooked into surpassing Swiss Roger Federer in several Grand Slams after equaling him with 20 last year. If I had to settle on (as an objective) I might say yes, but to be constantly conscious of it, no. in fact I might like it and within my objectives, it is often one, but my way of facing the grades is usually an equivalent and not due to the very fact of being one among momentarily being the one with the foremost changes my motivation or adds pressure. I always compete with maximum enthusiasm and maximum motivation, he concluded.


For this reason, Nadal has always an equivalent objective. The first and foremost, to be healthy, and therefore the second, to be happy, he commented. I want to possess the chance altogether tournaments to be competitive and provides myself options to fight to urge an honest result, he stressed.

Finally, the 13-time Roland Garros winner acknowledged that one always has got to evolve to undertake to remain at the very best level. My game has been during a continuous evolution which has allowed me to be in a privileged position at 34 and to continue competing for the items that I even have competed for therefore a few years.

Everything is that the results of determination and enthusiasm and having people by my side who have helped decisively in many difficult moments that I even have had within the sort of injuries, he said.