My Holo Love season 2 is a fantastic and popular south Korean web TV series. Science fiction and romance are the genres of web TV series. Ryu Yong Jae, Kim Hwan Chae, and Choi Sung Joon are the three writers of this web TV series. Lee Sang Yeop and Yoong Jong ho are the two directors of this web TV series. Studio Dragon is the only one production company to present this web TV series. Netflix is the only original network of this web TV series. As well as there was an editor named DK. Netflix worldwide entertainment and LLC are the only two distributors to present this web TV series.

Jinnie Choi is the person to produce this web TV series. 1080i the picture format of this Korean series. Dolby Digital is the audio format of this web TV series. Moreover, it has a single camera setup. So let us discuss the release date and all the latest updates about this web TV series.

My Holo Love Season 2: Cast And Character

There were so many actors in this series and they are Yoon Hyun min as Go Nan do, Ko sung hee as Han So Yeon, Gong Min Jung as Choi Seung Kwon, Nam Myung ryul as Baek Nam Gyu, Jung Yeon oo as the detective Ji-na, Kang Seung Hyun as you ram, Kim Yong min as an assistant, Kim Soo-jin as Nan do’s mother, Jung young ki as Jo jin Seok, etc. So let us watch these characters on the On-screen.

My Holo Love Season 2: Plot

The story of this series revolves around the female character Han so yeon. Additionally, she had a face blindless disorder. Moreover, her life also changes because she starts using the AI program Holo. This story keeps more twists and turns among the fans. So let us watch the better story for this series.

My Holo Love Season 2: Release Date

The first season of this series was released on February 7, 2020. As well as, the second season of this series will be released on February 5, 2021. Yet, we have to wait for few more days for this web TV series.