My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia Fans want to know all about Season 6. This follows an exciting Season 5. The source material is based upon a Japanese manga series. Season 5, Episode 15 was released last week. Keep reading to learn about My Hero Academia Season 6.

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia focuses on a boy named Izuku. He lives in a world that has 80% of its inhabitants possess Quirks, which are superpowers. Izuku however is an average person. That is until All Might chooses him to become the One For All Quirk.

Season 5 Episode 15 of My Hero Academia will be the last available episode. This episode is about everyone trying to figure how to handle the message that Hawks decipher using a code. This information revealed the identity of the Liberation Army, their next enemy. Endeavor appears disinterested before this message in training his interns, Izuku, Bakugou, or Shouto. This message could change his mind.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

Only 14 episodes have been made since season 5. The news about My Hero Academia Season 6 may take some time. The remaining episodes of the current season are available. Because of its popularity, the announcement can be expected once season 5 finishes. According to previous seasons, season 5 might also contain around 25 episodes. The 14 episodes that have been released are listed below. Episode 15 will air on July 10, 2021. Fans were disappointed to learn that no episodes were released this weekend. The four previous seasons premiered four years ago so the new season can be expected next year.

My Hero Academia Season 6

Kohei Horikoshi thought of ending the Manga after 30 volumes. He later stated, however, that the final storyline of the manga he planned made him uncertain about ending at 30 volumes. So far, there have been 29 volumes. The 4 seasons animation has covered close to 21 volumes. The new season will continue from season 5. It will most likely be out by 2022.

The Plot?

My Hero Academia follows Izuku, a boy with no superpowers living in a normal world. He dreams of becoming a superhero and is chosen by the Hero. After realizing his potential and values, Izuku is granted the Hero’s powers. He even enrolls him into a high school that trains heroes. Season 4 aired 25 episodes. The episode showed Izuku’s training in becoming a superhero. Boku no Hero Academia season 5/6 release date has been anticipated eagerly by anime fans. Season five would be about the events that take place next to Izuku Mioriya and Class 1-A at UA High. As per the manga, the plot would be kept secret if there is a season 6. It is rumored that there would be more Izuku adventures on UA high. Season 5 featured Overhaul’s confrontation with the Shi Hassaikai Yakuza. Class 1-A would prepare for the upcoming UA School Festival. Izuku Middleoriya would be seen training with All Might. He would also work on long-range attacks. The plot of season 6 is yet unknown.