My Hero Academia Chapter 319

Deku is a free spirit who goes out on his merry way and doesn’t listen to any orders. Endeavor updated Deku about the fact that the overseas Heroes are coming for them and it’s only a matter of they get more manpower. Deku doesn’t want to leave the villains with any time to prepare. As he patrols, he comes across Dictator. He has made innocent citizens into puppets and sent them to fight Deku. Deku, unable to strike innocent people, thinks instead. Bakugo enters the building and shoots the Dictator. Today’s article provides updates on My Hero Academia Chapter 319. (Delayed). Release Date and Updates!

When Is My Hero Academia Chapter 319 Coming Out?

Manga lovers know that My Hero Academia follows an almost weekly schedule. So everyone was expecting chapter 319, which will be out on Sunday, July 4th in 2021. The manga series has been announced as taking a short break. Fortunately, the break will not be too long. The new chapter will be released next week, Sunday, July 11th, 2021.

confirmed on its website the release date for MHA’s next chapter. Do not worry about Chapter 319’s release. You can read the previous manga chapters to be better prepared.

My Hero Academia anime Series 5 will also go on a one-week break. This means anime fans won’t be able this week to see a new episode.

My Hero Academia Chapter 319

My Hero Academia Chapter 318 Highlights

Ene and Ene are the eighth successors. En believes that anyone with One For All feels the same way Izuku does. As Izuku and a group of mysterious villains fight, the meeting abruptly ends. Izuku is quick to jump in and help the victims of the villains. Black whip is Deku’s method of punishing the villains. The young lady in this photo was surprised to see that Izuku could use multiple Quirks against her enemies.

They realize they can’t match the hero so retreat. Izuku questions the lady if she is feeling hurt. But the lady is fine and wonders about how a young boy could have so many Quirks. Izuku says no, as the lady questions him about All For One. The lady and other citizens are relieved to hear that the young Hero has not been working for All For One. Izuku begins wondering what All For One wants, and where is the villain. Izuku realizes he needs to stop Tomura Shigaragi & the League of the Villains.