MVP denies having been examined by surgeons. Yesterday, it was reported that the leader of The Hurt Business could have injured his knee during the course of his fight on Monday Night RAW, information confirmed by journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. The fighter appeared on RAW Talk on crutches, sparking the rumors.

Some informational portals added that MVP traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, to meet with WWE doctors, assess the status of his injury, and determine if he should undergo surgery. However, the fighter has denied having made this trip through his Twitter profile, although he has not commented if the ailment is real or how serious it is.
Someone told me that the portals are reporting that I went to Alabama to meet with the surgeons. You should stop reading the reports of these idiots. They are always wrong.


The journalist Dave Meltzer, from the specialized portal Wrestling Observer, commented in the last episode of his radio show that MVP probably injured his knee during his RAW match against Riddle and Lucha House Party. Meltzer mentioned that at one point in the fight, the leader of The Hurt Business received a movement in the apron and landed on his feet and that, from that moment, he was seen limping, requiring the assistance of a staff member to return to backstage while the camera did not focus.

Remember when Kevin Nash tore his quadriceps? Yeah, it was a lot like that moment. You just take a step and all of a sudden boom. I’m not sure it was his knee, but he was limping quite a bit. He’s injured. I don’t know the gravity. I don’t know if it’s serious or if it was just a bad fall, but he hurt himself in the later stages of the fight, adds Dave Meltzer.