The Valencian Community will be the first Spanish region in which Mutuals collaborating with Social Security join the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, as reported this morning by AMAT (Association of Mutual Insurance Companies for Work Accidents).
This occurs after the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health of this Autonomous Community contacted the General Directorate for Social Security Organization (DGOSS), the organ of protection of the Mutual Societies, requesting authorization to make them available of these entities.

The DGOSS has responded to this request by authorizing that “mutual collaborators with Social Security, with implementation in the Valencian Community, participate in the vaccination of workers in health centers that are under their protection, including self-employed workers, who they are first-line health personnel, as well as other health personnel, including personnel from private health centers with which they have signed the corresponding contracts.

The Mutual Societies collaborating with Social Security had already prepared a proposal for health intervention in all the Autonomous Communities, so their incorporation into the vaccination campaign could be carried out immediately when required by the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health of the Valencian Community since it already has the authorization of the aforementioned General Directorate of Social Security Organization.
They already served in the first wave.

The professionals of the Mutual Societies already provided health care to more than 16,000 people during the first wave of the crisis, both in their hospitals and traveling to Health Centers, Residences for the Elderly and Disabled, sanitized hotels, and Field Hospitals (such as the of IFEMA, in Madrid, that of the Fair of Samples in Valladolid or that of Segovia) and wherever they were required.
The Mutual Societies collaborating with Social Security have 23 hospitals and more than 1,000 outpatient centers spread throughout Spain. Regarding human resources, they have more than 14,800 health professionals annually at the service of workers and companies, who can help in the vaccination against Covid-19.