Last Monday on Monday Night RAW WWE confirmed that Kofi Kingston injured his jaw. His New Day teammate Xavier Woods appeared only to face T-BAR and the RETRIBUTION member was victorious.

A few hours ago, the leader of RETRIBUTION Mustafa Ali uploaded a video on his Twitter account where he revealed that they will continue to attack Woods with the aim of emotionally breaking Kingston Is RETRIBUTION going after Xavier Woods Yes. The reason why we’re going after him it’s because the timing is perfect. When I found out that Kofi Kingston was sitting at home with a broken jaw, I knew it was RETRIBUTION time. I’m not satisfied with him being at his house I want to break his heart, his spirit And I’ll do it by hurting one of the people I love the most and hitting him over and over again.

I ask Almighty God that your broken jaw prevents you from competing at the Royal Rumble. I hope you are so injured that you don’t even make it to Elimination Chamber and I hope you miss WrestleMania for it. So you can feel the same way I felt when I was there. in my house and I saw you taking something that was not yours. I want to break you as you broke me

In 2019, Mustafa Ali was about to participate in the Elimination Chamber but a tailbone injury followed by a swollen eye caused him to be removed from the card and replaced by Kofi Kingston. Thanks to this match Kingston began the history of KofiMania that led him to be crowned WWE champion at WrestleMania 35.