Mustafa Ali was called Ali for a brief period in 2019

Mustafa Ali had a silent journey to WWE, which began back in 2016 when he debuted on 205 Live. After a couple of years on the Cruiserweight division, Ali was moved to the primary roster last year and was supposed to have a significant feud with then WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

His chance of competing for the WWE Championship was cruelly taken away from him when he suffered an injury. He returned following the accident with the ring name Ali, as WWE dropped his first name.

However, he had his entire name restored to him later last year. Mustafa Ali has taken to Twitter to reveal that his ring name was “removed” from him by WWE.

Mustafa Ali reveals WWE changed his ring name

The WWE RAW Superstar and leader of RETRIBUTION struck out at WWE for taking his first name since it was difficult to pronounce.

Mustafa Ali was reacting to a tweet by an enthusiast who had replied to a previous discussion of Ali where he disclosed he made WWE commentators pronounce his name the right way.

WWE RAW commentator Tom Phillips had also tweeted concerning the pronunciation of Ali’s name before this week, stating the way he pronounces it now is how Ali wants it to be pronounced. This is what Phillips said to some fan:

 I understand your issue regarding pronunciation. However, Mustafa has recently stated on RAW the correct way that his first name is pronounced. I am simply respecting that wish, as I would for anyone asking for their name to be pronounced the way they would like. I will continue to do so. Thank you for being a fan of WWE.”

Mustafa Ali has demonstrated another side of him as a heel, along with his debut as the leader of RETRIBUTION has given some hope to the future of their faction at WWE.