Best MTG Token Generators 2021 (100% Working)


Created by Richard Garfield in 1993, MTG or Magic: the gathering, popularly known as Magic amongst the players, is a widely liked tabletop digital collectible card game aimed at battling other players using their good deck of cards, often creating tokens of cards to copy abilities. Let’s learn about MTG token generators. How to create tokens, the best way to create them, and more.


Having gained roughly 35 million players by the end of 2018, this first-of-its-kind trading card game grants the user to play as character Planeswalker. All players start off as Planeswalkers who can cast spells, use artifacts and summon various creatures with different abilities. Players defeat other players by dealing heavy damage to enemy players’ “life points” by attacking with creatures and casting spells, which is typically the case but not every battle.

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Best MTG Token Generators 2021 

The most unique aspect about MTG or Magic is its ease of accessibility to its huge fanbase. This card trading game can be played on a computer, tab, and smartphone using the online available software Magic: The Gathering Online. Players even go as far as using printed cards to play in person. Unlike other popular similar games like Dungeons & Dragons, this game consists of more complex game rules and more cards to play with.

MTG Token Generators Online Free

To gain an advantage over the opponent, players use creature tokens for combo attacks, introducing a twist in the duel, or ending the game in a surprising one-time move. A specific token, color, or card can give players an upper hand, meaning the difference between a win or a loss. A reliable list of the most beneficial MTG token generators, ranging from creatures, sorcery cards, or even artifacts.

Young Pyromancer

On the first of this list is Young Pyromancer, famous for its easy token generation. By using low-cost drawing spells such as opt and burn inducing spells like shock, players can quickly create hordes of the army after triggering any instant or sorcery spells. For more effects, the player should have enough mana left to cast another spell immediately after; generating one token out of this card is essential to extract minimal value from the card.

MTG Token Generators

Lingering Souls | MTG Token Generators 2021 

Lingering souls can generate two distinct 1/1 flying creature tokens, which the player can flashback if black mana is available at that moment. Commonly found in Hatebears builds or Abzan Midrange, this MTG token generator card holds great against Liliana of the Veil. Immunity from the Lightning bolt or terminate action will add on to its 3WB for four 1/1 capabilities.


Bitterblossom works well in both Commander and Modern, so it’s clear why players want this card in their deck! Being part of Faeries deck with strong cards like black and blue fairie, Bitterblossom is one tough card to beat with its black mana. The formidable power it gives off at the cost of living is cheap and amazing in the battle. Players can use Abrupt Decay or Maelstrom Pulse to escape player death and think of new strategies.

Krenko, Mob Boss

One of the most played beloved cards in the game, krenko has been raging about since old school 1990’s battle times. Krenko’s Goblin army recruitment ability is far more dangerous in the hands of a good player with a good commander deck. One of the best MTG token generators, krenko can pull off a few, few hundreds, or a few million goblins at his command. Krenko can do it all, and the public knows!

MTG Token Generators

Anax, Hardened in the Forge

The best strategy to use Anax is putting Anax down before an all wide-open attack, swinging with every possible move you can before losing the rest of the Red creatures, and lowering Anax’s devotion power. By creating a non-blocking Satyr for each and every non-token creature, the player can move for a sneaky attack ahead on creatures into any board state.


Players can start off by using its tap ability to generate zombie tokens, aiding in the initiation of a smooth card draw engine after having at least two more Cryptbreaker alongside. The best way to get value out of this underrated historic Anthology MTG token generator is to activate at least one ability for each draw or casting zombie after zombie to draw more cards. More zombies can help later by dropping your lands for tokens if a full stack of cards is already available at hand.

Scute Mob

This new insect of Standard, Scute Mob, is proving to be quite a menace for players with its ability to generate two separate tokens, varying by the land count of the player. In less than six lands, this MTG token generator creates one vanilla 1/1 insect, but with six lands, the scute farm will birth a clone if it itself having the same leftover landfall ability.

Scute Mob

Elspeth, Sun’s champion

One of the best and known MTG token generators, Elspeth is a type of planeswalker from standard. This card holds its own against giant creatures and can spawn three 1/1 white soldier creature tokens when played on the battlefield, making it a fearsome character. Elspeth casting and token generating abilities surely shadows other classes cards in MTG.

Huntmaster of the fells

For players looking for the best support in offense and defense. The huntmaster of the fells is one of the most powerful MTG token generators. The double face function of this card proves worthy of both standard and Modern. Huntmaster of the fells generates one 2/2 green Wolf creature token. In addition to 2 life points, acting as four-drop card advantage. Providing more than enough backup and advantage to the player.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

This card has seen far too many battles and duels in Modern and legacy. As it’s probably the most legendary planeswalker to have ever existed. Gideon’s ability as a mass MTG token generator makes him a humongous threat. But, thankfully, a great ally. As suggested by its name. Players feeling brave and opting for going wide can take advantage of the card’s ability Anthem Emblem.

Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Another legendary planeswalker card type, Sorin of Khans of Tarkir. Generates a 2/2 black Vampire creature token of flying type when played on the battlefield. Sorin’s Emblem ability grants the user the power to sacrifice an opponent’s creature. At the beginning of each upkeep, thereby removing threats to other more good cards in the deck.

MTG Token Generator online free 2021

FAQs | MTG Token Generators

Is MTG Token a Card?

An MTG token is not a card. Even if any MTG token is denoted by a card having magic back or opened from a Magic booster package. Any token in MTG adheres to everything that is permanent in general or affects the MTG token’s card type.

Are MTG Tokens Treated as Permanent In-game/battle?

Any MTG token or even card acting as MTG token generators becomes permanent upon entering the battlefield. It only stops permanently if moved to another zone by the power of effect or a rule.

How to Represent Tokens In-a Game?

Without using or when not having access to an MTG. Token generator card, the player can represent an MTG token by a plain face-down card. While controlling multiple types of cards, any card choice can be used given the understanding of representation between both players.

Closure | MTG Token Generators

Magic: The Gathering, magic or MTG is a trendy nuanced card game. Where people engage in battles using many strategies. Card deployment order, and combos. Tokens are an essential part of MTG. As they affect the course of the battle at every point of turn. MTG token generators aid players in creating useful tokens for defense and offense or as leverage to escape defeat.

Players can also use a card’s abilities with their token creation to get the full value of each card. And if you have something to ask, you can use the comment section below.