Motherland is back with another period of college conduct nightmares and just-about-getting-away-with-it parenting.

The BBC sitcom returns for season 3 on Monday, May 10, and enthusiasts can look forward to episodes about everything from nit outbreaks to college trips.

Created by a writing group including Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), Helen Serafinowicz (Look Around You), and Holly Walsh (The Other One), the series has been described by critics as”borderline revolutionary”, “the funniest show currently screening on television” and doing for motherhood”what Catastrophe did for marriage”.

And there is also a totally fabulous guest star appearance as Amanda’s (Lucy Punch) glamorous mother is revealed.

This is all you need to learn about the new series…

How To Watch Motherland

Motherland season1-3 is currently available on BBC iPlayer.

Season 3 episodes broadcast per week at 9 pm on BBC Two on Saturdays.

It airs before the new season of Interior No.9, which follows at 9.30 pm.

Season 1-2 are also available on Netflix.

Who Is In The Cast?

Mums and dads Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin), Liz (Diane Morgan), Meg (Tanya Moodie), Kevin (Paul Ready), Anne (Philippa Dunne), and Amanda (Lucy Punch) will return for new experiences at the college gate and stressful parenting drawbacks.

They’ll also be combined in year 3 by Joanna Lumley – that the Absolutely Fabulous icon will play Amanda’s mum.

“It was a unique treat to pitch up again as a different rather poisonous parent at Motherland,” said Lumley.

“Although I was just in for a day it was the greatest fun to be with that dangerously talented cast.”

What Can Fans Expect In The New Series?

We have got five episodes in season 3, which follows from the Christmas special at the end of 2020.

The first episode back finds the parents battling a nit pandemic at college, with Julia’s status accused of triggering another wave.

“Ostracised by another mum, Julia should discover a way back into their good books so she throws a nit treatment celebration that brings everybody’s drama (and headlice) into her home.

“The celebration reveals that Anne (Philippa Dunne) has some big information, Meg (Tanya Moodie) is facing a catastrophe, and Kevin (Paul Ready) has committed a terrible crime of passion. As Amanda (Lucy Punch) super spreads the gossip, Liz (Diane Morgan) waits for information about a career move.”

Episode two will feature the struggling parents taking on the challenge of selecting a secondary school and Julia considering faking a faith after discovering her catchment area.

And episode three will concentrate on Mothers’ Day,” which means a passive competitive lunch with her mother Felicity (Joanna Lumley) to get Amanda (Lucy Punch) and also an awkward driving lesson for Kevin because he tries to avert the day altogether.

Reviews And Twitter Reaction

Critics have been observing the next season of the BBC comedy as its best to date.

“Motherland’s return has to be one of its best series yet, filled with joke after joke, character development, and outstanding performances from the seasoned cast,” said the Radio Times.

“A hugely entertaining watch that I’ll be certainly be bingeing another time.”

The Evening Standard wrote: “Handled otherwise, a comedy about a group of middle-class Acton mums might have been unbearably twee, but using its acutely seen characters, knockout cast and talent for wringing hilarity from the banalest of events, Motherland is an unhinged pleasure, by turns savage and candy.”

The Independent wrote: “Probably the best news since you have your appointment for The Jab, Motherland is back to its squirmingly socially embarrassed best.”

Fans on Twitter were both excited and overjoyed by the start of season 3:

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View Motherland season 3 on Mondays at 9 pm on BBC 2 and BBC iPlayer.

Season 1-2 will also be accessible on BBC iPlayer and Netflix.