A few hours ago, it was revealed that Big Show’s profile was moved to the Alumni session of the official WWE website. A few minutes later, his arrival at AEW as a fighter and commentator for the new AEW Dark, Elevation series under the name Paul Wight was confirmed.

According to a report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider Paul Wight and WWE did not reach a financial agreement. The two parties were negotiating days after their appearance on the January 4 episode of RAW’s Night of Legends. In fact, the segment where he was verbally humiliated by Randy Orton, served to dynamite his discontent and his subsequent departure.

Paul Wight’s final departure from WWE would have been on Friday, February 19, the day his profile was transferred to the Alumni session of the web. For its part, AEW had planned to announce more details about its recent hire and AEW Dark Elevation during tonight’s episode of Dynamite on TNT.

Show joined WWE in 1999. His first appearance was at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre when he interfered in the match between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. Throughout his career in the company, he was a Grand Slam champion, obtaining multiple championships in the company, including the maximum title of WWE. His last official fight was against Randy Orton on July 20, 2020, on RAW.