The premiere date for season 5 of “Money Heist”, a Spanish series, is fast approaching and Spanish-language fans are counting down the days to the arrival. Next September will be the premiere date for the new season.

The loss of Nairobi (Alba Flores ), one of the series’ most beloved characters, at the end of season 4 of Money Heist’ created a great void for fans.

Nairobi was part of the original Professor’s Band since the first season. His passing caused great grief among fans. Many remembered that Agata Jamesenez was originally the character’s name. He was then given his nickname.

Alba Flores was Alba Flores’s character. She was an expert in fake money and was a member of the gang. Fans of the series found out that Alba Flores was also the mother of a son she took in after being arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Nairobi is a favorite character because of her charismatic personality.
The gang tried to save Nairobi’s existence several times, but Cesar Gandia was finally killed (Jose Manuel Poga). After his death, the Professor’s gang pledged to continue the robbery “for Nairobi”.

The Real Reason Nairobi Died

Jesus Colmenar, the showrunner of “Money Heist”, recently revealed the secret plan behind Nairobi’s murder. Colmenar explained that the character did not belong in the next season. He would also have a bad time if they kept him alive.

“Nairobi, the heart of the group. I was going through a difficult time in season 5, which is pure confrontation. Nairobi is a character that isn’t made for confrontation.”Colmenar explains in an interview.

Fans of the series want Nairobi to at least appear in flashbacks for season 5, so they can say farewell to the beloved character.