Money Heist Season 5

La Casa de Papel (also known as Money Heist), one of our favorite Spanish-language Netflix series, will be returning for season 5. This is not happy news, however. The show’s fifth and final season will be broadcast in two parts starting in 2021.

The series’ success and the characters’ personalities are no surprise. La Casa de Papel’s crew has never refused a chance to rob high-stakes banks. What happens in season 5? Will the gang rob America’s Mint? All ATMs on the European continent will be taken away by the gang. The world will be hypnotized by a rendition of Bella Ciao. “We wouldn’t leave any of these ideas behind the Professor.

Here’s the latest information about season 5, with its synopsis.

When will Money Heist season 5 be released?

Money Heist season five is confirmed.

However, the showrunners have revealed that season 5 will be the final episode. This was shocking news for viewers.

Netflix confirmed that the upcoming series would be the “fifth-and final part of La Casa de Papel”.

The final part of the series will be split into 2 parts. The first part will air on September 3.

The second part of the story will be available on December 3rd.

Fans waited 21 months before season three was finally available on Netflix in the summer of 2019, and season four nine months later in April 2020.

Both seasons one and two, as well four, were filmed back to back. That is why they were released near each other.

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 cast

Money Heist has a unique feature: you don’t know who you’ll meet in the middle of an armed robbery until you’re given the official nod by one of the show stars via social media.

However, we expect our beloved motley gang that formed the base of Professor’s Heist Gang to return: Ursula Corbero(Tokio), Pedro Alonso [Berlin], Jaime Lorente Lopez [Denver], Miguel Herran (Rio), Alba Flores (“Nairobi”), Darko Peric (“Helsinki”), Itziar Ituno (“Raquel”) and Esther Acebo (“Monica”).

Luka Peros (Marsella), Rodrigo de la Serna(Palermo) are the latest additions to our cast. Serna will, apparently, also return to the show for the upcoming season. Recently, a producer posted a shot showing Serna as Palermo, dressed in menacing military gear. This was a behind-the-scenes shot of season 5.

Without our newcomers, we wouldn’t be where are today. Najwa Nimri is the fiery police officer Alicia Sierra. She has posted photos recently showing her onset on Money Heist season 5. Diana Gomez is Tatiana, Berlin’s girlfriend. These characters were heavily featured in season 4 so it will be interesting to see their journeys intertwined with other characters.

The official synopsis has us very excited for season 5.

According to Netflix’s synopsis of the movie, the Professor’s gang finds themselves in a very difficult situation that they can’t get out of. The Professor doesn’t have an escape road, possibly for the first time.

“The gang has been in hiding at the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours. They managed to rescue Lisbon but now their darkest hour is upon them. Sierra has taken the Professor hostage and doesn’t provide an escape plan. Just when everything looks perfect, an enemy appears on the scene. It is the army. “The end is coming off the greatest heist ever recorded, and what began with a robbery can turn into war,” says the plot summary.