Money Heist Season 5

Fans of Money Heist may have to wait a bit longer before they can see the new season on Netflix. Money Heist Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in July 2021.

Netflix announced recently the complete list of movies and shows, and Netflix originals which will be released during July. Netflix has no doubt July will be their biggest month yet. However, Money Heist season 5, which is currently in production, is not included on the new release list.

money heist season 5 coming soon to Netflix

The release date for Money Heist season 5

Netflix has decided that Money Heist season 5 will be split into two separate volumes. They offer two different narrative tones and continue the theme of surprises. We also have release dates. Money Heist’s Tweet account confirms that volume 1 will release on September 3, 2021, while volume 2 is set to release on December 3, 2020.

Alex Pina (the show’s creator) says there are many reasons for the decision. Covid-19 was a major problem for Money Heist, as it was for many other shows. The show’s production timelines have been greatly disrupted by the pandemic. Money Heist season 5 was no exception.

Pina said that she and Pina began Part 5 in the middle of the pandemic. They felt the need to modify what was expected of the ten-episode series. Pina added, “We used every tool possible to create the sensation in the first volume of a series or season finale.”

Pina stated that the first volume of the series will show the gang in trouble. The second volume, however, will “focus more upon the emotions of the characters.” It’s a journey that crosses their sentimental landscape and connects us to their departure.

We don’t know what the future holds for the gang in season 5. Maybe it’s a botched theft. And, at that point, which kind of character is Pina referring to? Although it took Netflix quite a while to approve the show, Netflix can now let viewers know that they recognized its international popularity and approved the show’s greenlight. This comes after several other popular shows were canceled.

Money Heist Season 5

The cast of Money Heist Season 5: Who will it feature?

Netflix revealed who we can expect in season five. There are also some new faces joining the crew.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, Sky Rojo, Sense8, and Patrick Criado (Goya nomination nominee for La gran familie espanola, VIVIR sin permiso) were confirmed as new members to the ensemble.

The series also confirms the return of Ursula Corbero in Tokyo, Alvaro morte (The Professor), Itziar Ituno(Lisbon), Miguel Herran [Rio], Jaime Lorente (“Denver”), Esther Acebo (“Stockholm”) Enrique Arce “Arturo”, Darko Peric” (Helsinki), Darko Peric” (Bogota), Luka Petros (Marseille), Belen cuesta), Jose Manuel Poga (Gando), Jose Manuel Poga (Gandia) and Pedro Alonso” (Berlin), Pedro Alonso (Berlin)

However, Nairobi (Alba Flores), won’t be coming back, as she gave hints.

She stated, “If it’s going to be watched, keep your tissues near you.” (via Oprah Daily). “This season is hard. It will be harder than you thought at the beginning.”

Pina said, We’re already witnessing one of the consequences for Nairobi’s death.

“[She] is] still very present. They still talk about her sometimes. She is shining light on their struggle in this final season.”

Jesus Colmenar, the executive producer added that “Nairobi represented in a way the heartbeat of the gang and she would have struggled to fit in in the last season because it is a season full of confrontation.” However, her legacy will be an inspiration to the rest of the characters.

Flores stated that only one other female character was on the show before Nairobi’s involvement.

“They were writing the script to La Casa de Papel and realized that there was only one female character, Tokio,” she stated (via Oprah Mag). They said, “This is not going be a good idea.” So he called me to ask if I wanted to join his new TV series and offered to send me scripts for the first episode. He said, “If it’s something you like, I can write you a role.” This was how Nairobi was founded.