Money Heist Season 5

There seems to be quite a bit of advice swirling online about the Money Heist season 5 release date.

Alex Pina, the founder and showrunner of this Netflix original series, stated that the new season could be released on Netflix after September 2021, not in September, but following the month.

The latest rumours about the Money Heist season 5 release date are more favourable for fans of the series.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date On Netflix

If the latest rumours about Money Heist season 5 are accurate, we can observe the final season of this series in September 2021.

According to a report from Small Show, an individual close to the production said the plan would be to release Money Heist season 5 in September.

 Money Heist Season 5

Here’s what Small Screen reported that their origin stated:

I can not provide you with a solid date. There aren’t one at the present time. It’ll depend on how long we take in place. But we are aiming for a mid-September release. I’m pretty certain we will get it finished in time.

So, based on Small Show’s source, they are aiming for a September release date. Who knows how accurate that is? Hopefully, it is right on the money!

If production has not wrapped yet, which seems to be the cast, a September release date might be a little early. I was expecting the new season to be released sometime in the fall of 2021, much more like October or November. But, if the source is right, we will see the brand new season sooner than that.

That seems like a great time to release this season for a few reasons. First of all, the earlier we get to see the final season of Money Heist the better, right? Second, Netflix will probably have a bunch of new Netflix shows coming in October, November and December because of the holidays and now there are some shows and movies in the creation and also post-production right now which will probably be prepared for late 2021 releases.

If Cash Heist season 5 is released in September, that is another month using a large Netflix series coming and it will help bridge the gap between now and the other big titles coming after this year.

Cash Heist season 5 is also the last season of the show.