Money Heist, there is no person in the world who haven’t heard about this series even though he might have never seen even a single clip but definitely he knows the so called Money Heist.

Over a decades or more we have saw many movies shows which were based on heist, some even were based on true events, but in 2017 a series came on Netflix called Money Heist, this series not just changed the definition on heists but created a sensation, the storyline screenplay mainly the character just took all this viewers to some other world, for many people this is not just series it’s a emotion.

Season 5 is end of Money Heist?

Any news regarding Money heist is really a festival for its fans since all its fans are not just got entertained by the series but also got mentally attached to this show, characters like The Professor, Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Nairobi and others made the place among hearts of there fans . Now all the fans of Money Heist are happy as some news regarding season 5 are running all over the internet, at the same time another news is making them to get sad that season 5 might be the last season of Money Heist, its not just news it is officially confirmed that the journey from 2017 has finally getting end, yes season 5 of Money Heist is final season of the series.

When ‘Money Heist Season 5’ Will Release?

Due to huge increases in the popularity of OTT due to this pandemic all OTT platforms are getting set to release their best or to bring the sequels of the most popular among them. Even Netflix is planning to do the same more efficiently and when it comes to popularity Money Heist is the most popular series available on Netflix, as it is already confirmed that new season is getting ready to launch soon all its fans are excited, as this season is final season crew will try to give their best in this season, so even expect more things time, even though release is confirmed but the release date is not yet confirmed by neither crew nor Netflix, but this will not get delayed, there are many chances that Season 5 of Money Heist will release in mid of 2021