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Mohammed Siraj Faces Racial Discrimination For The Second Consecutive Day, CA Issued A Statement Saying This


Cricket Australia is on the back foot after a comment by Mohammed Siraj () for the second consecutive day. The board of the host team has issued a statement on social media and apologized to the Indian team.

A racist comment was made with Mohammed Siraj during fielding on the boundary line on Sunday. After this Siraj immediately complained to the umpires. The umpires reached near the boundary line and informed the local administration about the incident. After which the Sydney Police expelled six fans who were making racist remarks from the stadium.

After frequent media furor, it was said on behalf of Cricket Australia, “Cricket Australia strongly condemns all kinds of discriminatory behavior”. As hosts, we apologize to our friends in the Indian cricket team and assure them that we will take strict action in this matter.

On Sunday, during the second session of the fourth day, the Indian players gathered in the middle of the field when Siraj, standing at the square leg boundary, complained of being abused. Earlier, Cameron Green hit two consecutive sixes in Siraj’s over.

The statement said, “If you use racial profanity, then you are not welcome in Australian cricket.” The CA is awaiting the outcome of the International Cricket Council’s investigation on the complaint made on the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday.

“Once the responsible people are identified, the CA will take stricter measures under its Anti-Harassment Code, including lengthy restrictions and sending the case to the New South Wales Police.

“We are taking it very seriously. If people associated with this are identified then they will be banned from our Sydney Cricket Ground and all the sites under New South Wales under our law.