Ashes of Creation

In a world full of fantasy Ashes of Creation will throw limelight from Intrepid Studio. However, Ashes of Creation being a highly demanding MMORPG has been appearing in the news for some time being.

In fact, the upcoming game has been coin a major focus on a mixture of PVP and PVE content. The game has been snitch to be one of the most highly operating video game that will be operated once the user has a box-cost subscription.

There it reviews that the user without a subscription can not operate the game to win. Although the game will have an in-game shop, predicting some cosmetics items.


Maintaining different angles of perception of the most popular MMORPGs, Ashes of Creation is going to intake that change. In most recent times the video game is going to get combine under one title name.

In addition to every new feature appearing in the game, a lot of other and exciting features for the fan are going to appear for the fans including the node system.

Nodes will be appearing as a map for the players allowing them to overcome different stages of civilization development. Players will be provided with the tasks for killing mobs and monsters as per the different quests on the adventure shown on the map.

Thus acquiring better progress players need to contribute XPs to the map. After that resulting from additional quests, more players need to join the game further. Therefore the map is going to spread eventually larger into huge headquarters while the player passing their every level.


Followings are the character class on Ashes of Creation :

  • Tank
  • Fighter
  • Rogue
  • Ranger
  • Mage
  • Cleric
  • Summoner
  • Bard


Intrepid studio has not released any release update of the game. But it has been confirmed that before the release date the players will be allowed for the Alpha One Test phase. Meanwhile, the test phase will allow the testers t to check out the given mechanism and upcoming MMORPG in the Video game.