A new report is asserting Mindhunter season 3 is back to the table but how logical is the return of this Netflix hit?

UK site Small Display cites an unidentified source as saying that Netflix has revived talks with Mindhunter auteur David Fincher for a new season of the serial killer drama, after placing it upon “indefinite hold” over one year ago.

The website’s source claims”Conversations between Netflix and Fincher are continuing. They are talking about the prospect of bringing back the show for a third year.

“It’s still very early days,” they add,” however Fincher sounds more optimistic about the project.”

Netflix has made no official comment, leaving fans to guess just how severe these Mindhunter season 3 rumors really are.

On the other hand, they make a certain amount of sense, because David Fincher talked at length around the original pseudo-cancellation about how draining the series was about him and how he desired to do anything else, and it is well known that Fincher is the driving force behind the set. So the only way that a new Mindhunter year would plausibly occur is whether Fincher was prepared to revisit Holden Ford, Bill Tench, Wendy Carr along the BSU.

However, anything from an unnamed source constantly must be taken with a grain of salt, also there are loads of logistical hurdles before season 3 might be seriously contemplated.

Even if you assume the Little Display report is right, these talks are ancient, which means that they could wind up going nowhere. Talks occur all the time without necessarily leading to any content being made; yet another such example is Dick Wolf and NBC referring to the Law & Order: Hate Crimes spinoff, which has been in evolution because 2018 yet never turned up. The last report in 2019 had NBC execs saying it “will happen 1 day” which sounds an awful lot as the limbo Mindhunter buffs happen to be in.

The other problem is that none of the cast is under contract anymore. When Netflix created the”indefinite hold” announcement, it also released them from their contracts so that they could find other jobs. The network and studio would have to get Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv back on board to generate Mindhunter season 3.

While the celebrities happen to be open about how much they enjoyed doing the show, wanting to do a fresh year does not mean that they actually could. It depends on if they would be available when Netflix is prepared to take the third season, or if they will be contractually connected to other endeavors. Stars have been required to turn down roles all of the time because of scheduling conflicts.

If we are looking at this as a case, there is actuallyn’t too much to get excited about just yet. While the idea of David Fincher and Netflix speaking about more Mindhunter is reassuring, one vague report does not a new season make particularly when there is a lot of steps between now and becoming season 3 created. We’ll continue to keep an eye on this and see if these rumors develop into anything more tangible.