• The WWE Hall of Fame member was declared non-contagious and will undergo further treatments in the coming days.
  • Foley remained the last weeks in quarantine and away from his family

Alerts from the wrestling world went off when Mick Foley confirmed on his social media that he received a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. The former fighter has been in quarantine since mid-December and has not had the opportunity to spend the holidays with his family.

Fortunately, the WWE Hall of Fame member has provided positive signals to his fans regarding the treatment of his illness. Through his official Facebook account, Mick Foley provided a new update much more hopeful than the one exposed a couple of days ago. The hardcore legend clarified that he was declared a non-contagious patient, and will be able to begin medical examinations in order to make a full recovery.

Mick Foley also described in detail the ailments he suffered during the days of confinement. “Fortunately, my symptoms have not been very serious,” clarified the former WWE champion on Facebook. “I have had muscle aches and headaches for several days, as well as losing my sense of smell. My hearing has also been affected lately.” Recall that Foley remains in quarantine after a virtual signature made on December 12, 2020. One of the workers who accompanied the former fighter presented symptoms, and after confirming the positive of this person, Foley was quickly examined.

Mick Foley continues his charitable actions

In the same Facebook statement, Mick Foley took the opportunity to make an interesting announcement. The WWE Hall of Fame member will make a donation of $ 5,000 raised through his Cameo account. The money will be received by the Daniela Conte Foundation, an organization that is responsible for improving cancer treatments in children. This case is not at all isolated in Foley. Without going any further, the former fighter clarified a few days ago that he will donate his merchandising profits to the family of the late Jon Huber.