Michelle Yeoh joined Avatar 2‘ because he was eager to work with James Cameron.

The 58-year old actress will play Dr. Karina Magogue in the sci-fi sequels.

“I said that I didn’t understand why I was here. But, I did explain to James that I was here because you are a genius, and I am your biggest fan. I mean, that I would be your cup of coffee lady. I would just like to come to sit down and enjoy your company.

“He’s created incredible worlds and there’s no ending to them. It is so simple to sit and watch him, in awe, and then listen.

Michelle is set to play the lead role in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU), flick “Shang-Chi” which features Simu Luu from China as the titular character. Michelle is also delighted by the Asian representation in this film.

“When the movie was announced last summer and they revealed who they were doing in Marvel superheroes and it’s an Asian superhero, it was like, ‘Yes, finally! When will we see ourselves represented in that way?

Michelle became an international celebrity after appearing in the 1997 James Bond film, “Tomorrow Never Dies”. She says that the movie was a “turning point” in her career and for Asian artists in general.

She said, “Once I got to America, I was like, ‘I’m a minority here and… I have no representation.

“The turning point happened when I did James Bond… It was a proud moment as a Chinese woman stood side-by-side toe-toe alongside James Bond, the greatest spy of all time. It made such a difference in how Asians were treated.”