The wife of the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, will present the first series on March 16 as a result of her collaboration agreement with the platform. The relationship between the Obamas and Netflix comes from afar, and it is that for several years it has been known that the platform was negotiating with the marriage its irruption in the world of series, something that already has a release date. It will not be an Obama series, but Michelle Obama will appear in one of the new series that the content platform will launch soon. Starting next March 16, we can see the former first lady of the United States become the owner of a supermarket.

Debuts with a culinary series for children. Michelle’s jump to the series comes from the hand of a project known as ‘Gofre + Mochi’, a production of Higher Ground Productions, the Obama production company that reached an agreement with Netflix. In this family-based series, the life of Gofre and Mochi is narrated, two characters who do not cease in their efforts to become chefs. At the beginning of their adventure, they become employees of a supermarket, which belongs to Michelle Obama.

The series is intended for all audiences, although it will surely attract the attention of the little ones since Gofre and Mochi are two puppets who, helped by Barack Obama’s wife, will try to make known the different culinary cultures spread all over the world. The former first lady of the United States has been very excited about the imminent premiere of this new production, the first in which she will appear on this platform.”I wish there had been ‘Gofre + Mochi’ when my daughters were little, it is a great series to watch as a family and gives parents the peace of mind of knowing that their little ones also learn something,” said Michelle herself after acknowledging that she is very excited to be in this series “so funny, comforting and magical”.

For those who are unaware of the Obama business adventure, it should be remembered that the couple decided to create a production company when they left the White House. In this way, Higher Ground Productions arrived, which has managed to bring one of its series to the big screen after its first agreement with Netflix, which will surely not be the last they reach. On this occasion, Michelle Obama will be accompanied by Michelle Zamora and Russ Walko, who respectively give life to the Gofre and Mochi puppets.