Mercedes Martinez

WWE NXT fighter Mercedes Martinez was interviewed for the PWInsider web portal. During the interview, Martinez spoke about his early year’s training, his participation in the 2020 Royal Rumble, and his rivalry with Io Shirai. Next, his statements.

Mercedes talks about her training with Jason Knight

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten from Jason is to never give up. When I started my training there were only one or two other women in his class, and we always had to compete with very punishing men.

Jason wanted to make sure that we were our thing. the beginning of a career that we would fight for all the time and he didn’t like to see us give up. In the last twenty years, I’ve shown him that I can push my limit and not challenge my ethics no matter how far I’ve come.

How did Martinez’s debut at the Royal Rumble feel?

I was very nervous, I didn’t know whether to cry or not. I had mixed feelings even before going on stage. It was a great moment. I remember Shane Helms told me to get a lot out of it since I would not know if I would ever experience it again. this way.

That’s what I did as soon as my music started playing. I literally walked down the ramp and took advantage of my entire stay in the ring.

The rivalry between Io Shirai and Mercedes Martinez in NXT

I feel like facing off for the title will be much more satisfying than just showing up, knocking her out, and showing the world that I’ve been the best in my twenty-year career. No attack is worth it if I can’t get in the ring and show what I can do. with the spotlight on me, “That is what I wish for this year“.

Winning the Women’s Championship will be the culmination of twenty years of development. I will show you that I am the best, both on the independent scene and in NXT.

You have a target in your back and I have been the only one who has not taken his eyes off her. She knows many things, but I am sure she does not know very well what Mercedes Martinez is capable of.