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“Alexa Bliss Unexpected sprint on Nikki towards her hug on Vince McMohan.”

Nikki Cross was a guest on the latest edition of Uncool with Alexa Bliss. The two greatest friends discussed a lot of intriguing topics regarding their time together in WWE.

At one point during the conversation, Bliss recalled an amusing incident involving Cross and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.Bliss stated how they generally go to Vince McMahon following their matches and invite him for exactly the same. She added that Vince is quite welcoming and nice to them.

In this instance, Nikki sprinted towards Vince, passed by Bliss with her arms in the air, and forced a hug on the boss. Bliss further stated that Vince was receptive to Cross, laughed, and hugged her back.

“So I’m trying to leave, and as we go to leave, Nikki bypasses me with her arms straight in the air, and she’s going, ‘eughhhh!’ She shimmies into Vince to give him a hug and it was the best thing ever.”

“Vince rolled with it though. Vince says, ‘Alright, come on in.’ He laughed and hugged her, and it was so good. We always find ourselves in those little situations.”

Superstars thanking Vince McMahon after matches have become a tradition in WWE

Fans must have discovered while watching WWE Network specials that Superstars go straight to Vince McMahon after a big match, thank the Chairman, and hug him. Vince McMahon watches the in-ring activity from the Gorilla position and is among the first people Superstars see when they earn their way to the back after using a match.

Nikki Cross is one of the very likable superstars in all of WWE. The observable of her running towards a confused Vince McMahon, with her hands up in the atmosphere, is one that fans would love to watch at a future WWE special.