There are different types of retail traders. Some want to manage their portfolio daily and are known as active traders. Others want to invest long-term by holding assets over long periods and are known as passive traders. MCI Global Solutions makes it easy for active traders to manage their portfolios and make the necessary daily trades. Additionally, it also gives passive traders the platform they need to pick assets and hold them long-term.

MCI Global Solutions has the right trading tools and trading services that allow retail traders to trade the markets efficiently. Furthermore, it gives traders the boost they need to get better outcomes in the market. MCI Global Solutions is a great destination for traders, and there are several reasons traders should sign up for this brokerage. Some of these reasons are discussed in our MCI Global Solutions review.

Features of the Brokerage

Advanced Mobile App

The platform has a mobile app built to help traders enjoy brokerage services. Not all traders have the capacity to buy PC setups with multiple screens or want to sit in one place for long periods of time. The mobile app allows traders to blend their trading sessions with their other daily activities. It is also useful for traders who like to take a quick peek at the markets throughout the day. This ensures that users have access to their brokerage accounts on a simple user interface and smooth user experience. The platform is lightweight and will not take up much space on your device.

Active Customer Service

Users need all the support they can get when they use the service because it improves their overall experience. MCI Global Solutions has provided users with a help desk that will always be available. If you have questions or encounter problems while using the service, the help desk is available to proffer solutions. There are various channels available on the brokerage that users can use to reach the customer help desk. Pick the one you are most comfortable with and get in contact with them. Users can be assured they are in good hands when signing up for the platform.

No Opening Balance

Brokerages sometimes require users to have a minimum deposit when they open their accounts. Although it is still common among some brokerages, MCI Global Solutions has waived this requirement. New users are not obligated to put any money into their accounts when they first sign up. This feature helps more retail traders get brokerage accounts and ensures they are not pressured to make trades. MCI Global Solutions is a retail-friendly platform that tries to ensure traders are comfortable using the brokerage. New users should be familiar with the brokerage interface and its services before they begin trading.

Learning Manuals for Traders 

Traders need to keep learning and improving if they want to become better versions of themselves. To help its users, MCI Global Solutions has provided training materials that cover various aspects of trading. Furthermore, the material has various topics for all levels of traders, which makes it an invaluable resource for users on the platform. Trading veterans have created the materials in easy-to-understand formats. Each topic is broken down to help the reader understand what is being discussed and each step they need to take. The brokerage wants its traders to have an edge while they navigate the markets, which is why it is committed to giving them the education they need. 

Portfolio Analysis and Asset Management Tools

As traders make trades, they need to measure the impact of the moves they make in the market. These moves can be measured using various indices, but the best way to measure them on the MCI Global Solutions platform is using the tools provided. These tools allow traders to monitor their assets and see their performance against the market. Additionally, it will allow them to better understand their portfolio and how each asset affects its overall performance. Traders who measure their output will be able to optimize their future trades.

In Conclusion

The brokerage has features that are suited for active traders. It also makes it easy for retail traders to build strong portfolios and become better versions of themselves. Go to the brokerage site for more details on their services.

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