• Bala Devi said that she took inspiration from the great cocktail MC Mary Kom
  • Bala Devi is the first Indian woman to play professional football in the top flight league in Europe

India’s star female footballer Bala Devi said that she drew inspiration from the legendary Muktibat MC Mary Kom, who achieved immense success as a player while her background was quite simple. Bala Devi, the first Indian woman to play professional football in the Top Flight League in Europe, narrated the story of six-time world champion and Olympic Bronze medalist MC Mary Kom during the 2014 Asian Games.

Speaking to AIFF TV, Bala Devi said, ‘MC Mary Kom is a great source of inspiration for me. They come from very simple backgrounds. He worked hard to break many records. Even after becoming a mother, she continued to break records and won the honor for the country. We had a conversation at the Asian Games in 2014. I saw him training. She is very friendly and also supported us during our games. ‘

Bala Devi Happy To See Her Name Here

Bala Devi scored her first goal for Rangers FC in the Scottish Women’s Premier League, where her team beat Motherwell FC 9–0. Bala Devi signed an 18-month deal with Rangers in January. Bala Devi said, ‘I was greeted by many people after the goal and many people talked and wrote about it, which made me very proud. After this, I was nominated for AFC Player of the Week. I was very happy to see my name with so many celebs.

30-year-old Bala Devi said, “I want to continue to support everyone so that we can achieve big things for the country in the future”. Bala Devi is named in the AFC International Player of the Week along with Iran’s Sardar Ajman, Korea Republic’s Sun Yung Min, and Japan’s icon Saki Kumagai.

Bala Devi said, ‘Since I have given trials in Rangers Club, I want to be the inspiration of every Indian player in my country. I want to be an inspiration to the young girls and the youth of the country, who want to play at the international level. It is such a thing, which is always on my mind and whenever I reach the ground, I believe in repeating it. ‘

Bala Devi said that the international exposure given by the All India Football Association played an important role in his development. Bala Devi said, ‘AIFF provided us a lot of international tours and I played against European teams, which gave a lot of experience. I realized that I can play and compete them. ‘