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Bonuses in Internet casinos are plenty and rampant. You have to look around. But once you find them, you will also know that they are never easy to win. To bag that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you must go the extra mile.

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But as we have pointed out earlier, winning that casino bonus is not as easy as A-B-C. Times are earning these bonuses comes with wagering requirements. So we have created this piece for you. In this article, we will tackle how you can beat wagering requirements. More tips on online casinos are coming, so stick around.

What Does It Mean By ‘Wagering Requirements,’ And How Do They Work?

To get a better perspective of what wagering requirements are and their role in online casinos, we should lay down the basics. Historically, Internet casinos have always had lower expenses than the brick-and-mortar type. This has allowed operators to offer generous perks so more players will sign up for their casinos. As a result, these players can access all kinds of perks, such as welcome bonuses, cashback, free chips, and more.

Then you have the deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses, essentially, are free money offered to players, and they come in many different forms – 200 percent casino bonuses, high roller bonuses, and no-deposit free spins, to name a few. However, you should know that Internet casinos are also profit-driven companies, so there are conditions before you can win these bonuses. This is where the wagering requirement takes into effect. This is also a way for the online casino to prevent bonus abusers. These people can damage casinos and lead them to their decline.

So what exactly does it mean by wagering, then? Wagering refers to the number of times a player can play through the bonus amount before they can request a withdrawal. Bonuses have other terms and conditions, such as certain game restrictions and the max bet rule. It would be best if you did not fall prey to the habit of others who do not read the terms before they start to play, so they end up breaking the rules of the bonus terms. They think they are already eligible for the bonus and can claim it right away, but they actually are not.

Recently, a new type of bonus has become increasingly popular and prominent in online casinos in the United Kingdom. Offered pertained to as a non-sticky bonus, this is touted as a vast improvement compared to the traditional sticky bonus as this is kept separate from your funds until you have lost your deposited balance. This gives you a second chance to make a comeback should you lose your money at specific points. With this kind of bonus, you do not need to worry about wagering requirements should you win big while playing with your funds. The player can right away request a withdrawal without following specific terms.

Nevertheless, there is another critical reason why Internet casinos are compelled to implement requirements on wagering. This is also to prevent money laundering. Without wagering requirements, any player can practically deposit large sums of money and withdraw them to their bank accounts, claiming that money to be their winnings. If you read the terms and conditions, online casinos typically require a specific amount of play-through, even with your deposit.

Bonus Promos: A Few Important Pointers To Remember

One of the players’ most challenging problems when playing with a casino bonus is how to beat these wagering requirements. Well, for beginners, when playing at an online casino platform, you first need to consider and worry about winning big. Afterward, beating wagering requirements will be reasonably straightforward, despite the consensus saying otherwise. But, remember that beating bonuses is not as difficult as you think – good news.

What you can do is prefer to play in a low-wagering casino. All Internet casinos offer bonuses, but the bonus wagering requirements vary from one casino to the next. For instance, a $100 bonus at one online casino may come with 40 times the bonus amount wagering requirement. What does this mean? It means you shall wager a total of $4,000 before you clear the wager. In another casino, the same $100 bonus can have 25 times the bonus amount as the wagering requirement, so you need to wager $2,500 to clear the wager.

So, to increase your chances of meeting these wagers, always choose those with promos with the lowest wagering requirements.

Another thing you must pay attention to is the maximum allowed bet per spin when playing with bonuses. If you make a considerable deposit and claim a generous bonus, there is no point in playing at an online casino where the maximum allowed bet for each spin is only $1.

Thus, always opt for bonus promos with a higher maximum bet per spin limit, such as $4 or more.

Effective Strategies To Beat Wagering Requirements

When you amass big winnings at an online casino as you play with an active bonus, the trick is often to clear the wagering requirements while keeping a vast portion of your balance intact. However, this tends to become a problem for several players who lose half of their winnings or even more while trying to clear the wager.

However, in reality, beating the wagering requirements is not hard, primarily if you use the right strategies. Yes, there are strategies you can adopt to play with the wagering requirements, so you can maximize the bonuses you can win.

Among these strategies is playing low bets on slots. This gives you the best chance of clearing the wagering requirements. However, this usually takes a long time, and some players have the self-discipline to low roll after a considerable payout. Another strategy you can take when this happens is to go for low variance slots. These usually have a high RTP value, on the other hand. These games frequently produce small to medium payouts. If you make higher bets on low variant slots, you can certainly beat the wagering requirements in no time without losing your balance.

Interestingly, the other way is the opposite. What you can also do is target high variance slots of medium bets. Here, the trick is to play a large number of spins, perhaps 200 to 300 or more. Doing this, you will have a better chance to hit the bonus and win back your lost balance, or maybe even more. Remember also, after a big payout, move on to another game.

Why It Is Often Challenging To Beat Wagering Requirements: Final Thoughts

After hitting a massive payout at an Internet casino, the worst thing a player can do is to begin playing huge bets and chase even a more enormous payout.

In this way, your luck will not be in your favor sooner or later, and you can lose everything, seriously. Take heed of this advice: once you win big at the online casino, use the strategies you learned about above to beat the wagering requirements. Then, you can make a withdrawal.

Afterward, you can deposit at another online casino and try to win again. Every experienced casino player will tell you it is better to withdraw small rather than chase massive payouts.