Maura Higgins has big plans for her “Flutters” line with ongoing proposals for a line of fragrances within her burgeoning empire.

The 30-year-old Love Island star became a favorite reality TV star with her tagline ‘fanny flutters’ while appearing on the ITV reality show in the summer of 2019.

And indeed earlier this year, she stepped into the beauty world with the launch of her False Flutters lash line.

Now it is reported that Maura wants to grow her business even more and has registered the company name The Flutter Effect to start pumping up scents for fans to jerk off.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Maura is truly passionate about beauty and a fragrance is a next step in her lucrative empire.”

Back in the summer, when she launched her Fake Flutters line, Maura warned Kylie Jenner that she would be coming for her crown after the American reality TV star became a billionaire with her fashion and makeup empire.

Maura said in June: “I would say Kylie Jenner should be careful. I think she will research my products in the future. ”

The Irish TV star has expressed hope to follow Kardashian’s tried and tested business plan.

She said, “I want to do what the Kardashians do and use my social media channels to sell the products. I don’t just put my name on the makeup collection, I did a lot of work.

Meanwhile, Maura has made headlines more recently due to her budding romance with fellow Love Island alumnus Chris Taylor.

The couple flew to Dubai together to soak up the sun and enjoy sun-kissed kisses, after going public with their romance – months after the first rumor, the duo had grown closer.

The romance was welcomed by fans, but not by Maura’s ex, Curtis Pritchard, who says he feels betrayed by his fellow Love Islanders hooking up behind his back.