Warner Bros. Studio announced the premiere of the 4th part of the fantastic film “The Matrix”, the release date of the picture is set for December 2021. The legendary film, beloved by millions of viewers, will be released again – the script is ready, the cast is approved and the shooting has begun.

The new film will not be a continuation of the previous series, but will tell a new story of the confrontation between a machine and a person. It will be Neo’s fight against artificial intelligence, which uses humanity as a power source. And enslaved humanity lives in an illusory world created by machines and is actually in the Matrix.

The uprising of people against machines is an attempt to save the human race from destruction and Neo risks his life for this. The emergence of a new virus leads to a new war and the confrontation continues. The rest of the details of the new plot are kept in the strictest confidence until the release of the film. The picture will be shown in 3D and IMAX, which will demonstrate all the new applied special effects and technologies.

 Matrix 4 Release Date

Keanu Reeves has such a busy filming schedule that the premiere date is subject to change. The actor is filmed so much that it is very difficult to foresee any changes. The release date of the fantastic action movie The Matrix 4 is scheduled for December 2021. A possible change to the premiere will be announced without fail. Follow the announcements.