Legend has it that back in 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the hardest culinary talent on television in Spain MasterChef experienced a terrible rebellion in their kitchens. For the first time in its history a group of arrogant and vain aspirants mutinied against the judges and therefore against the program itself. A rebellion that ended in escabeche a, a rebellion that the mutineers could not measure, a rebellion never seen until then of which epic poems have been written.

If I had to tell a romance about what happened last night in the second MasterChef program, I would start it that way because what was seen last night is already part of the bloodiest tale of talent. The riot led by which the judges and the program had to face the arrogance of some of their applicants the lack of respect towards colleagues and judges the arrogance of those who believe themselves above good and evil, and the contempt of others and themselves for who knows was in summary what was seen in MasterChef 8.

An unexpected rebellion, the fight of two cockerels that ended with a double expulsion, in my opinion, more than unfair. Monica and Brienne ended up paying the price for an outdoor test in which I do not remember ever seeing so much tension between applicants and the jury. Yes, in the elimination test, both of them made blunders worthy of a more than deserved expulsion. However, even though they ended in eliminated because they were part of the disaster it is becoming necessary and we only have two programs that attitude is also valued in addition to culinary skills. And for attitude last night they should have rolled heads. They paid righteous for sinners.

Never, and when I say never is never, I had seen Pepe Rodríguez so fired up, so indignant, so pissed off and so up to the limit. That Jordi Cruz turns on and explodes is more than usual, but Pepe Rodríguez is the little angel next to the devil. Last night there were no angels. The attitude of certain contestants belittling the work not only of the judges but also of MasterChef made Pepe Rodríguez burst like an espresso pot that they have not known how to lower the intensity.

The program started without anything prompting what was about to happen. In the first test of the night, the applicants had to face the so-called culinary art by creating a dish that represented them. For this MasterChef gave them different ingredients, all of them white, in addition to a series of spices to give color to their creation. The visit of Tamara Falcó, winner of the latest edition of MasterChef Celebrity, gave that touch of glamor and posh that Andy likes so much. However, most of the applicants risked little and did not understand the test very well, which made the judges a bit pissed off.

Iván, who would later become the standard-bearer of the rebellion against the program, has already shown that he does not like being criticized and exposing his mistakes. It is true that while in the first program little level was seen in the kitchens, in this first test, the applicants hinted that nothing was of little level, at least in terms of the presentation of the dishes and the use of some techniques. Nor is it that it was a marvel, but there is material to make the most of this edition.

Of course, there is everything. Some do not arrive, but they try or directly bring it to a halt and give what is just and necessary, like Saray; some have not come to cook but to be seen, as is the case with Luna, who is beginning to be really heavy in her eagerness for something to come up with Alberto. No wonder Alberto can’t handle her anymore.

If what Luna does with Alberto was the reverse today, Alberto would be branded as anything but pretty, but like Luna does. Well no, look. MasterChef is not Women, Men and Vice versa, it is not a program to get a date or to flirt, MasterChef It is a cooking show and what cannot be is that one of the applicants passes test after test harassing a partner because he thinks it is funny and funny or because he thinks that is what is going to make him stay more weeks.


Since they entered the kitchens of MasterChef 8 together last week, Luna has been trying to sell a portfolio with Alberto, which he does not want to buy. The kid has tried to make her see it in the most polite way possible or directly ignoring her, but the little pleases and the much tires, and Luna already tires. It tires me even, so I don’t want to imagine how far Albert is.

And since it is not centered, because in the kitchen it is not centered, the test was a real disaster for Luna.  I’m the Teletubbies from MasterChef 8 he told himself after the judges’ assessment. How right! Luna exudes an unbearable pre-adolescent childishness, which was reflected on her plate in the first test. Not only did he not understand what the judges were asking him, but his approach, as the judges said

There is a lot of rooster in this henhouse. The pride and arrogance in this edition do not leave a single hole for humility. Andy, Ivan, Jose Maria are the new roosters in the corral. It is difficult for them to understand that if they are in MasterChef in addition to their abilities, it is to learn. If they were as good as they think they were, why would they need to be a MasterChef? They have it very believed and they are very pretentious.

It can be seen in the way he cooks, in his way of addressing the judges, in his way of not accepting criticism especially in the case of Iván. The Galician, who in the previous program stood out far above his peers is going to be a victim of his own pride. It should have been last night and it saved him that Adrienne’s mistakes and Monica’s were huge, if not, today Ivan would no longer have to be in the kitchens of MasterChef 8.

The same thing happens to Andy, although with a big difference, Andy does know how to accept the advice and criticism of the jury and not only does he accept them, he tries to change and move forward. If in the first test being so pretentious it cost him dearly, in the outdoor test he modified that attitude and gave a lesson that perhaps if Iván had applied it to him he would not be talking about the riot that MasterChef broke out today nor the monumental and historical anger of Pepe Rodriguez.

Andy corrects, accepts, assumes, and modifies. Ivan comes up and which fighting cock is looking for more war to see who it is that ends up giving up. Ivan’s thing is not just a matter of believing the last Coca-Cola in the desert, Ivan’s is a very harmful stubbornness. And if he only hurt him then he ate it with his bread, but last night two good applicants left when he was the one who should have left.

Adrienne and Rosa were the best on the first test. Adrienne presented a dessert that delighted the jury and Tama Falco. A simple but elegant dessert a dessert that told many things about her a dessert with which he took risks and hit the mark. Meanwhile, Rosa opted for cod the simplest thing but it must also be taken into account that out of 18 applicants, 10 chose cod with which standing out from the tumult also has its merit. Rosa’s cod was not very complicated, but it was very well executed, so it won not only the applause of the jury but also one of the captains of the outdoor test.


And what a marvel of outdoor testing in the Malaga town of Frigiliana. Despite the universal flood that fell on the day of filming, the truth is that the care with which MasterChef treats its locations is worthy of praise. There the applicants would be divided into two teams, one led by Adrienne and the other by Rosa. Ivan, Jose Maria, Saray, Alberto, Luna, Mónica, and Michael made up the team of the Belgian, the blue team.

The red team, led by Commander Rosa, was made up of Ana, Andy, Sara Lua, Fidel, Juana, Sonsoles, and Teresa. Adrienne’s team would be in charge of preparing 100 servings of monkfish in blue tempura and Iberian pork marinated with carrot puree and onions in honey. For its part, Rosa’s team would be in charge of preparing grilled octopus and avocado with jalapeno mojo and the dreaded dessert, lime Pana Cotta with honey cream and honeycomb candy.

Both teams started very well organized. Commander Rosa took charge, divided her companions into three teams, and did not leave a single gap for any of them to climb their hump. Adrienne also started organizing very well, but Iván and José María’s eagerness to command destroyed what little Adrienne had built in a matter of seconds. And Ivan indeed wanted to assume full responsibility for the cooking of the blue team, assuming the cooking of the main ingredients of their dishes, the Iberian prey, and the monkfish; And it is true that his cockiness, his I am more than anyone, came to him great and ended up sinking him in the mud, but I have to say that if the dishes of the blue team were a disaster, it was not only because of Ivan but a good part of the blame, if not almost all of it, it was from José María.

José María is the typical funny guy, who seems like a colleague from all over the world, but as soon as he can, he sticks it over you. While Adrienne tried to control each part of the cooking, José María began to command his companions on his own as soon as the Belgian turned around. And if he had sent to contribute, but in reality, his work was that of a bollar fly that gives instructions like a headless chicken to seem that he is much more than what he has been. A medium-haired tresillo a rooster without a crest.

Look what Jordi Cruz warned Adrienne about on his first visit to the kitchens, be careful with these two roosters, but Adrienne, much more humble than her companions, preferred not to enter the war for the throne and ended up being the Anna Bolena of this edition. Without a head and contest.

If Iván was in charge of cleaning the dam and preparing it, José María was the one who marinated it, he was the one who passed the honey in the marinade and was responsible for passing it through the grill, it burned on the outside given the excess honey and remained raw inside. Inedible.

He was also responsible for preparing pseudo tempura a plain word if not Monica would give a partake that seemed more cream to cook than real tempura. And thank God that Mónica told her to add more flour despite her complaints because if the tempura she made at the beginning is left behind, instead of poorly battered monkfish, it will come out soaked in milk. But Jose Maria almost no one said anything because Jose Maria is very clever.


When the judges asked him what had happened, where was the mistake, what had happened to the tempura, José María threw the shit on his teammates, kept quiet, and let others crash while he hid behind his glasses, his bow tie, and its good vibes. Iván screwed up, Adrienne was wrong at the time of sending, but José María was to blame for the mistakes that led to the ruin of the blue team and he emerged victorious and without a war wound. That’s not fair. It is not because while his companions showed their faces, he hid. A very cowardly attitude of yours. The one who throws the stone and hides his hand.

How could it be otherwise the dishes of the blue team did not like anyone, not even the diners who refused to eat a slice of completely raw meat but seared on the outside. The result: the winning red team. Rosa knew how to captain and manage a team much more humble than the one that poor Adrienne had. When the time came for the judges to assess, Jordi Cruz directly took out the black aprons and handed them over to the blue team. Adrienne, Mónica, or Alberto accepted the jury’s decision. There was no room for anything else until Jordi Cruz brought up the subject of meat, roosters, pride, arrogance, vanity, and The rebellion arrived!

Ivan refused to accept what the judges were telling him and not only denied that the meat was a disaster, but also faced Jordi Cruz and Pepe Rodríguez, who couldn’t believe what was happening. I don’t think it’s as bad as what you just said. You’ve painted it very ciborium, he replied to Jordi Cruz when he was reproached for the attitude he had had in the test. Samantha Vallejo Nágera reacted to his words by pointing out that there had not been a single positive comment from the diners to the blue team’s meal, a statement supported by Jordi Cruz pointing out that perhaps he could criticize my 28 years of office because today you don’t have the day but not diners.

Anyone in Ivan’s place would have kept quiet and accepted, but Ivan would not. I would like some diner to be here and say it to my face. A statement that caused the outbreak of Pepe Rodríguez, an outbreak that had never been seen in the judge.  But, Ivan, seriously, how old are you? You think that the monkfish that you took out was a monkfish in tempura, the salted avocado the meat is not perfect  Forgive me. But Ivan was still in his thirteen, the opinion of the judges is not worth shit for him.

I would like to have a piece of meat here so that I can assess what you are telling me right now. I cannot give you the reason if I do not believe that you are. I don’t think it’s in perfect condition or the best meat in the world but it wasn’t a strip of ash bacon or anything like that, he replied. No, it wasn’t burned, it was raw, that’s how far it went, replied Pepe.

Iván’s responses made part of the team also take up arms against the judges. Saray and Luna shared Iván’s opinion and made it known to the judges, starring in one of the tensest moments in the history of MasterChef. The judges were much smarter and left the blue team with their mutiny to tend to the red team, which took all the glory of a disastrous test. The blue team to the elimination test and Ivan to purgatory, although José María should have accompanied him by holding his hand, José María was inexplicably saved.


The elimination test consisted of cooking the viscera of the fish (eyes, cuttlefish roe, red mullet scales, anchovies spine, tuna head). Alberto, the best valued by the jury in the blue team, would be in charge of distributing the main ingredient among his teammates and it was when he gave it back to Luna, to whom he gave the bream’s eyes, according to him, to see her face, but actually to make it clear to her that he doesn’t want anything with her and that he never will. To the rest, he distributed more or less equally, but communication between Adrienne and Monica in the supermarket caused Adrienne to leave it without the main ingredient that she had received, without the monkfish liver.

Monica told her she didn’t have to catch it yet, Adrienne didn’t listen to Samantha’s warnings and in the end again a great hopeful who falls for a silly mistake. An error that he tried to correct but with nerves there was no way. The same thing that happened to Monica, who tried to cook the monkfish guts but was unable to think that much of what had happened to Adrienne was her fault.

Samantha assured. And while those who rebelled those who rioted, and those who danced over the 28 years of office of the judges were saved two good applicant two currents, two humble apprentices went to the street due to a mistake and some nerves. That’s not fair. Culinary talent shouldn’t be the only thing that counts. Last night there should have been a greater punishment because the one that took place was taken by the least deserving.