Marvel’s Avengers Players still enjoy the latest addition to the game’s roster, Kate Bishop, but it’s already known that more heroes will be heading into the game at some point, as Hawkeye and Spider-Man have already been confirmed with heroes like Black. Panther, Captain Marvel and more. rumored. It now appears that the game itself is teasing one of those new heroes, as the official website has added a new and undisclosed hero to the game’s roster page, with a “coming soon” in the place where it normally there would be an image and a name. Now it’s most likely Hawkeye, as seen in the Bishop story content and expected to arrive early next year, and hopefully this means we’ll get even more information on him soon.

Twitter user @PlayAvenger saw the new addition to the website, saying “The Playavengers website is coming soon in the character section,” and you can see the image below.

Earlier we saw part of the content of Clint’s story in a preview that showed that he is in an alternate reality, in which the Master rules supreme. While we know that Spider-Man is coming, we haven’t heard anything about his development for a moment, so it looks like there will at least be a tease from him or Black Panther before they are added to the website.

“Basically what happened is she was with Clint, her mentor, working on some recruiting stuff on A-Day, so she wasn’t in San Francisco when it all happened, but she was about to become a full-blown Avenger. Martinez said. There were days before it happened. She had finally proved her worth and she was really excited about it, but then when A-Day happened and it all fell apart, basically the Avengers stopped returning their calls, didn’t contact them, disbanded, it became a huge mess where Kate and Clint were basically left alone. So, they began to take matters into their own hands, taking care of Nick Fury’s disappearance. They run into these Tachyon things that we reference in some of the trailers. Then Clint disappears and Kate leaves alone.

So when Tachyon’s research merges with what the Avengers are doing and they get back in touch, Kate says, ‘Can I really trust them enough to come back together like I used to after knowing that everything could crumble?’ And she has to figure out what her place should be on the Avengers team if she stays, like who is she without Clint in the beginning, “Martinez said. “And I think it’s just realizing that their idols have… they’re not perfect and accept that they are going to make mistakes, but still want to go back to them. I think that’s a lot of what travel is all about.

We hope we discover the new hero soon, but in the meantime, let us know who you want it to be in the comments, and as always, you can talk to me about everything related to games and Marvel’s Avengers on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!