Marvel reveals the identity of the new Daredevil
We already know which Marvel character will take on the role of Daredevil to patrol the streets of New York City while Matt Murdock is in prison.


Attention SPOILERS of the Marvel Daredevil # 25 comic. In the Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto stories, Matt Murdock’s character went on trial for mistakenly killing a criminal named Leo Carraro. While he initially intended to fight the involuntary manslaughter charges, Daredevil ultimately decided to plead guilty, as he took on the responsibility of ending a man’s life.

In Daredevil # 25, Elektra visits Matt Murdock in prison to inform him that Marvel’s old criminal organization called The Hand is rebuilding and that she has discovered an ancient book with instructions on how to defeat them.

Matt doesn’t want to hear her. He tells Elektra that she is an assassin and that if she is tired of the dark and wants to work for the light, she will have to prove it. So Elektra understands that she needs him to trust her.

That’s when she can be seen sporting her own version of the Daredevil outfit as she decides to protect the city as the new devil from Hell’s Kitchen.

This is what Elektra looks like a heroine.

Elektra’s new costume is a mix of Marvel’s iconic Daredevil costume and her own vigilante look. He keeps the signature horns and logo on his chest in the red ensemble but adds a neck gaiter while maintaining his sales. She looks pretty impressive and ready to fight for Hell’s Kitchen while Matt is in prison.

It seems Elektra has turned the page and intends to be a full-blown hero instead of Matt Murdock. She is eager to prove that she is on the right side of the fight as the new Daredevil. Working with Stick, Matt’s longtime ally, it looks like Elektra will get a chance to show off her Daredevil skills for future editions of the Marvel comics.

It’s a big decision to sideline Matt in favor of Elektra, but having him become Daredevil feels like another step in character. Plus it’s sure to have Marvel fans eagerly awaiting what’s next as the series continues.