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Instagram is maintaining its strong dominance among several social media platforms, and no one beat the supportiveness that is offered to businesses by Instagram. Also, the content creation standards and the preference on which a business profile is given importance on that platform are so different from the other social media platforms.

This is a platform that helps you get quick interaction with the people on your content more than anyone else, and also, the performance of the business profile is evaluated by the algorithm in a very considerable way. So, these are the few reasons why this platform is considered so favorable for businesses and why it is preferred over any other digital network.

Now, as businesses understand the importance of being on this platform, this has fueled the competition to a great extent on this platform. The more people are getting aware of the potential of this platform, the more they are trying harder to beat the competition and make their mark by utilizing the fullest advantages that are offered by Instagram. For this purpose, they are so focused and strategically designing strategies to drive high engagement of their brands and get more followers on Instagram.

In this blog, we are going to mention the most trusted marketing tips that help you get right in front of the targeted people and boost your following.

1. Optimize your profile

The most important thing to get increased Instagram followers on your business account is to optimize your account in a way that looks more presentable to your audience. Make your profile more presentable and attractive. Your biography should be more than 150 characters that clearly tell your potential followers what type of brand you are and what are your target audiences. This will make people take action after they visit your profile:

  • Your Instagram biography should include the following components
  • It must contain a clear description of you and your work
  • Your bio should resonate with your personality as a brand.
  • You must include a CTA in your bio so that interested clients get connected to you.
  • You must share the website link of your business website

2. Post the best time

The next important thing that you need to consider is exploring the most suitable times when you can upload your post. The best time to post something on your social media account is actually the time when a maximum number of your followers are online. When you post your content, but the online availability of your followers is very low, you tend to lose the essence of your content, no matter how good the content is. 

On the other hand, when you post something when your active followers are online, you tend to get immediate interactions on your post, which is very good for the overall performance of your Instagram profile. Instagram algorithm notices the response you get right after you have posted something on your account. If you get quick interactions from your followers, then the algorithm works in favor of your post by considering it a relevant post. So, posting on the time of online availability of your active followers on Instagram can do magic for your profile.

3. Post consistently

If you want to succeed with your online marketing, just remember that “consistency is the key.” You can not make the success of your marketing strategy if you are not following it consistently. No matter what level of response you are getting from your audience, you need to carry on scheduling and posting to present yourself as an active user of Instagram. 

Although the quality of your content also plays a vital role in this respect, whatever content strategy you are following and whatever niche you are operating in, you would have to be consistent and determinant if you want to achieve your marketing goals. The journey from no followers to a huge fan following can be easily covered if you stand and face the competition. Just create authentic and creative content and keep on doing it.

4. Learn the processing of the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm keeps on changing its preferences, so you don’t need to get panic. You can still perform so well just by having a deep understanding of it. The right understanding of the algorithm has also benefited a lot of profiles and improved their current performance by getting them 50% more followers. So, the more you learn about the operation of the algorithm, the more you get tips to stand out and get more likes on Instagram.

The algorithm evaluates the performance of your post on the basis of six factors that are given below:

  1. How much is your post relevant to the interest of the people with whom you are going to share it
  2. How often do you post on your account, and what is the posting schedule you are following
  3. How you engage your audience, and at what level you successfully engage them.
  4. How often do you use Instagram, and what is the ratio of your online availability
  5. Who are the people who are following on Instagram, and what do they do
  6. How much time does each of your followers spend on this platform?

The main purpose behind all this evaluation is that the Instagram algorithm tends to surface the content which is the most perfect in all the above-given standards. So, you must focus on creating high-quality content along with authenticity so that you may get preferred by the Instagram algorithm.

5. Write attention-grabbing captions

Captions are a very important part of your posts on Instagram, and they can be very helpful in attracting the audience to your post if they are used properly. Most people don’t give too much importance to the captions, and they carelessly write them in a lean and boring way. This is because they are unaware of the power that a strong caption adds to the presence and visibility of your post. 

Those who really understand the importance and significance of good captions in driving the performance of Instagram profiles utilize their potential fully by carefully crafting good cation that captures the attention of their followers. A good caption works in such a way that it builds hype for your post by making people more desperate to know more about what your post is all about, hence serving the purpose of your Instagram marketing.

6. Engage with your audience

Another important thing you need to consider if you want to increase your followers on Instagram is responding to them at the right time, as it makes them feel so special. You must try to engage your audience in the comment section and DMs of your profile. This is one of the best ways to get more followers while maintaining a healthy relationship with your current followers. 

While you are engaging your followers in an interesting conversation, it has a very positive impact on the overall performance of your brand. As I mentioned earlier, the Instagram algorithm operates on the basis of the level of engagement you are carrying with your audience, and answering their queries is the smartest way to do so.

7. Collaborate

This is also an effective method to boost your performance and get more followers on Instagram. There are mainly two ways to do so; you can either take the help of an influencer or you can collaborate with a person who has a huge following on this platform. Although both of them are very efficient methods, the former is considered more successful. 

When you choose to hire an influencer to market your brand, people start getting knowledge about your existence by means of a person they trust and follow. So, if the influencer who is highly trusted by people refers to your brand or product, people automatically start believing you. So, it is the quickest way to increase your followers.

The other type of collaboration is actually the feature that is recently introduced by Instagram, which allows two users to mutually generate content by sharing a collaboration link. They can do a live session or anything else, but the interactions they get from their followers individually will get be shared between both of them. In this way, their followers start cross-following them, resulting in a high engagement on their content.


So, all the above-given strategies are tested, and they have shown amazing results to the people. If you want to win the hearts of the audience, you have to stay in touch with them. Because the more you interact with them, the more you get to know about their likes and dislikes, and it helps you a lot in defining the right direction of your content strategy.

In this competitive world of social media marketing, you have to stay on top of all the ongoing trends so that no one can beat you.