Mariano has never given his arm to twist. Real Madrid always made it clear that was not in his plans, but this summer returned to the firm in its position not to leave the club. Borja Mayoral did it before and now Jovic is going to do it so he will remain as the only natural replacement for the French forward. Mariano has gone from an eternal discard to being Karim’s first replacement. In fact, in recent games, he has already been seen to enter almost at the end. He did it against Celta, with Jovic on the bench, to play a single minute and he did it against Osasuna, although he did not have much time either a quarter of an hour

It is little, but it has almost always been his most complicated situation although his flashes were never lacking. This year his situation was complicated from the beginning due to tonsillitis. But once he recovered, he played two starting games, scoring a goal against Villarreal 1-1. Jovic and Benzema were not there and Mariano was headline more than a year and a half later. Patience therefore is not lacking but neither is efficiency. he left with that goal six goals in the seven official matches played with Madrid.

Its effectiveness fell with the two Champions League games. He also started with Inter, even without Jovic and Benzema, but did not score in the victory at San Siro. Nor did he score in the 13 minutes against Shakhtar or the last fifteen minutes between Celta and Osasuna. Now a new window opens for Mariano. He knows that Benzema is untouchable, but now there is the Cup, which starts this January in addition to these two Super Cup matches. Then the Champions League will also arrive and Zidane will have to give the French some breathing space. At the top, there is also the loss of Rodrygo, who still has about two months, and the competition decreases.