It is the Emmy Awards’ star series of 2021. The Emmy Awards are already among the favorites to win the 73rd Edition. However, Mare of Easttown’s success does not mean that the HBO miniseries will return for a second installment. It wasn’t intended to be limited fiction at the outset, nor was it a lack of interest by those involved. However, the ultimate priority is to tell something worthwhile. Brad Ingelsby created a miniseries with Kate Winslet, and it lives up.

There was one thing that was holding Mare of Easttown season 2, Season 2 back: A good story. This has been something that has been discussed quite a bit in recent weeks. All parties involved have expressed their hope and shared their enthusiasm for the possibility of a good series. Kate Winslet has gone one step further in her latest statements.

The deadline was informed by the actress that conversations are ongoing and that it is possible to determine if they are discussing the issue.

“I would like to play it back. I believe there are many more chapters in the history of this story. The story may have been a success, but that does not mean that it will be possible to tell it again. However, this does not mean you have to close the doors. We are opening doors and exploring what is behind them.”

Winslet makes clear that the work has begun to find a good story. Brad Ingelsby, the creator of the series, also pointed out this same theme a few weeks ago. He carries the entire weight of what happens.”If we can make a story this great, that gives justice to the characters and continues the story in a natural yet surprising way, then I’d love it. I don’t even know what the story is. And that’s where the problem lies right now.”TVLine asked him about it.

Their part is to follow the directives of HBO.”If Brad Ingelsby feels he has something to tell and that it is the same [level] as the first, I think everyone would openly listen to it. It doesn’t have that story right now. Who knows? We will have a wait to see what happens to him, to tell .”