Ibiza awaits Athletic’s debut in the Cup. And the return to the competition of Marcelino, the last champion coach of the tournament. The Asturian was champion with Valencia in 2019 and his signing for Athletic will allow him to win that of 2020, which, like the participation in the brilliant Supercopa, was inherited after Garitano’s dismissal. The path that will begin this Thursday, if completed, would allow him to be a coach in three consecutive Cup finals.

We have had little time to enjoy the success achieved in the Super Cup, but we have to be very attentive to tomorrow’s game. Facing a second B is not going to make it easier. The numbers indicate that Ibiza is the best team in the 102 who play in the category. In the previous round, they eliminated Celta and we are going to have a difficult game. We will have to perform at our best level, said Marcelino. The coach pointed out that games are won not only my mentality.

We respect the rival because there are upcoming experiences with Celta or Atlético that we should not repeat. We come from a high and the idea is to take advantage of it to compete and stay at a high level. The work and the attitude of the players are huge.  The recent victory in the Super Cup led him to say that if the team has been able to perform at that very high level, we have to look for the appropriate football and mental mechanisms to be constant in that performance. And we can improve it.

“The Cup comes a few days after winning the Super Cup and a few days after having another appointment in LaLiga. We will make some changes to the line-up. We come from two great efforts in three days and the rest of the players are working admirably. In the tactical analysis of Ibiza and the characteristics of the field, he said that it is an expert team, with players with a lot of experience in the category. They have a vertical game, they attack spaces and are intense without the ball.

They have a correct organization and are dangerous to Set pieces. They are going to force us to play a game based on different game concepts than the ones we have played so far and we have to adapt. artificial grass pitch is an important handicap, but you have to overcome it and adapt. It is a game that we have to win regardless of brilliance. Efficiency must prevail. ” Among the changes, he will make will be the goalkeeper, but Marcelino was reluctant to say whether it will be Ezkieta or Herrerín.” I have not yet spoken with who will be the goalkeeper who will do it and I would not like him to find out from the press, “he said.


Ibiza is the first rival of the three that Athletic de Marcelino has faced in which the lions will be favorites. We will make a mistake if we look at our opponents to increase or decrease our competitive level. We can always improve and we have to be better every day. In the Super Cup, we were the ones who counted the least to win and we did it with merit. Now we are on the reverse side.

and I have always said that we will be competitive looking at ourselves, he observed. The technician stressed that in these coming days the final composition of the workforce will close, pending casualties in this winter market. Those of you who have followed my career know that I don’t like excessively long squads rather short squads and when there is a subsidiary that can help and collaborate with the first squad. And more so in Athletic. There are some positions in which we have excessive players.

Whenever that circumstance occurs throughout the days, although now everyone is happy if they do not count for the coach, everything becomes more complicated. We have spoken and each player on the squad knows their situation within the team because we have made it known to the majority. From that point of view, the decisions that the club and the footballer himself decide for the good of both parties will be made. The ideal thing for everything is not to have players to displeasure.

Commented. Marcelino looked back at the Super Cup and the celebration with the trumpet by Villalibre and the concert by Orsay. It was joy and emotion. Until then Villalibre had almost heard him play the trumpet more than speak because he is very quiet. What you can see is that this dressing room is a group of friends, who have known each other since they were children, and it makes everything be more than a wardrobe.

I don’t understand much about music, but with his concert, we had a great time, he revealed. And before starting the training session, he congratulated himself on the good medical news around Eusebio Sacristan. I have seen that he left the UCI for good. I wish him a speedy recovery from me from the coaching staff and the squad. I hope we will meet soon.