NBC has canceled Manifest. Even though the viewership has declined, Jeff Rake, showrunner, insists that the show is back for season 4 and that the fans support him.

Earlier this year, NBC revealed that the recently aired third season would be the final installment of the drama series.

Many fans were shocked when the final season ended on a huge, unanswered cliffhanger.
Rake, who had imagined six more seasons of The Simpsons, was stunned more than anyone else.

After hearing about Manifest’s cancellation he took to Twitter in support of the premiere of season 4.

He tweeted: “Manifesters! We’re grateful for your support.

“Could be a week or months, but it’s not impossible. We won’t quit, and you deserve the end of the story.

“Keep the conversation open, if it goes well, it’s because of YOU. #SaveManifest
Since the tweet was shared, viewers have used #savemanifest to advocate for Manifest’s protection on Twitter.

The show was loved by many eager fans who tweeted the news to others. They even contacted Netflix and other subscription services to ask them to get it.

One fan tweeted his support of the hashtag, writing: “Someone must [to] take the rest of #Manifest’s seasons! We need answers #SaveManifest The series followed the lives, both of the crew and passengers, on an airline. They discover that they are five seasons into the future when they land.

Passengers realize they were given another chance after being presumed dead.
The series was ended due to viewership. It was revealed that the number of people who tuned in to the new episodes fell.

TVSeriesFinale estimates that the third season had nearly four million viewers when it was launched.

Manifest was only viewed at 2.800,000. This is a huge drop for the series.
Aside from the decline in viewership, production costs could also be reasons for its cancellation.

Manifest is currently not up for renewal. However, its viral campaign could convince network bosses that the series should be renewed.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was an example of this. Fans were vocal after Fox canceled the show. NBC picked it up after just 24 hours. Manifest hopes this will be the case.
All episodes can be streamed on NBC