It isn’t afraid of unanswered queries. Some may argue that Flight 828’s biggest appeal, or even its most fatal flaw, was the unanswered question of why Flight 828’s passengers felt prophetic callings five decades later. After three seasons, viewers seemed to have lost the meaning. Now with NBC’s cancellation (and Netflix refusing it), it’s a sad certainty that all sci-fi fans will be in the dark forever.

TheSeason 3’s finale revealed three views viewers might have on the news there would be no season 4. The hardcore fans would likely agree with Grace’s statement to Ben about their search for Cal. “Just because we don’t know the answer doesn’t mean that we stop believing in it,” Grace said.

Another possible optionBen’s post after Saanvi reminds Ben that he has faith echos the reaction of his fans. “I’m still trying to understand. Why did the callings have to reclaim the tailfin?” Is the lifeboat idea possible? Do the passengers still have any chance of living past their death date? Does the mysterious force that causes the compulsions to exist in a scientific explanation or a spiritual one? What’s the deal? Why does dark lightning have to be part of the picture?

Frustrated viewers might opt for the third, and more defeatist, approach. Jared speaks to Michaela from outside Vance’s house, saying, “I’m sick of these damn callings.” I don’t mind what they want. I don’t care what their words are.” With the passengers at odds over who should lead against the death deadline or the NSA Watchlist, it’s easier to concentrate on immediate dangers such as Angelina’s kidnapping, Egan’s misguided power grab and almost killing Vance’s son.

Grace, poor Grace. Cal likely knew what would become of his mother as he disappeared, but it was most touching to see an older version of Flight 828’s most powerful passengers return just as Grace breathed out her last breath. The season 3 finale. Cal even added a fourth bit in dialogue that could have offered viewers hope, if the show were renewed: “It’s OK. I know exactly what we have to do.”

However, his knowledge does not help with situations like the sudden appearance and disappearance of the long-absent Captain Daly and the subsequent burning remains of his plane, but that’s what it is. Its fans have always been kept guessing. Fiona Clarke flew in a dark lightning storm back with the captain, and was she also on the plane at its end? Is the time jumping at that point purely random? Or is there some logic we don’t understand?

We will never know. The confusion created by the series’ course raises the question: Are there any devoted fans? Even though the show had ended, viewers were still very invested in the results. It is not uncommon for a series to end with a lot of “Ending Explained”, but this was the case. Such an endeavor would be met with the inevitable thematic equivalent, “Who the hell know?”