After the cancellation by NBC of the supernatural missing plane drama, Manifest officially closed its wings.

Jeff Rake was the original series creator. But, with the premature end of season 3, fans will still have some questions.

The series followed Flight 828 passengers who, upon landing, discover that five years have passed since they boarded their plane. They experience new dynamics with their loved ones and visions of the supernatural as they reintegrate back into society.

Season three’s finale ended in the middle of its planned run. This left viewers with some serious cliffhangers. Grace (Josh Dallas), and Cal (Jack Messina), Ben’s son, reappeared significantly older. Also, Flight 828 Captain Bill Daly could be seen in the wreckage before disappearing again.

You can read on to find out why Manifest was canceled, and whether you could pick it up by another network.

Why Was Manifest Cancelled?

In June 2021 it was announced that NBC had canceled Manifest and that the series would not be renewed.

The ratings for Manifest have dropped steadily since the first season. The finale’s final hour reached 2.6million viewers live. This was a series low.

Production costs are another factor that can lead to series cancellations. A network may decide not to renew a show if the production costs are too high and viewers don’t watch enough.

Will Manifest Be Picked Up?

After the show’s cancellation, there were great hopes. After streaming began on Thursday 10 June, the US Netflix number one spot was occupied by the first two seasons. The show was saved by Netflix fans just like Lucifer.

Talks with Netflix ended after a week-long campaign. Stars of the show began sharing their dismay on social media.

Dallas Tweeted “Well, my #manifesters. It’s the end for now. We are proud to have shared this story with you over three seasons. We wish we could have completed the journey with each of you. But, it was not in the cards.

What Is The Savemanifest Campaign?

Rake wrote: “My dear Manifesters. I am devastated by NBC’s decision to cancel me.” To put it mildly, the fact that we have been cut off in the middle of our broadcast is quite a shock. Looking for a new place. We, the fans, deserve an end to our story. I am grateful for the love and support from the cast and crew. #savemanifest.

Although the hashtag gained some traction, it was abandoned after a week-long campaign.

Despite this, #savemanifest remains active. The petition to NBC has currently attracted over 21,000 signatures.

“After ending on a cliffhanger, NBC canceled Manifest after three seasons. It was one of their worst decisions, and it is one that I and my fellow Manifesters regret. Manifest had a huge following. It was a show everyone loved and [held] dear to their hearts,” Alexis Sullivan writes.

Fans remain optimistic, but only time can tell.