There have been many cancellations across all platforms, streaming and linear television. It has been a frustrating few months for TV viewers. NBC recently canceled the mystery-driven drama Manifest. Fans were thrilled that Netflix would order Season 4 of the streaming service’s first season. Netflix did not want to order more of Manifest. It also said no more seasons for Jupiter’s Legacy, The Irregulars, and Manifest. In the reality show Sexy Beasts where contestants dress as animals in order to meet their central blind date concept.

This was not a random set of keyboard jabs. Netflix not only gave Sexy Beasts the greenlight but also ordered TWO seasons simultaneously, meaning that viewers don’t need to worry about this strange abomination getting canceled after Season 1. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved (including Rob Delaney, the show’s hilarious host Catastrophe), but can also be frustrating for those who are suffering from TV cancellation fatigue. Netflix has also pulled the plug on a variety of original series such as Dad Stop Embarrassing Me (The Irregulars), The Last Kingdom, The Duchess, and many more.

Sexy Beasts doesn’t have a new series, but it does provide some context. The Rob Delaney-hosted version may be the most recent, but the entire concept was launched in the UK in 2014. Producers have decided to bring the Sexy Beasts madness back to the U.S. due to the huge success of series like The Masked Singer, The Masked Dancer, and The Masked Singer.

Sexy Beasts which presumably won’t provide a single solution to Manifest Season 3’s cliffhanger-filled finale – shows that romantic hopefuls go out on dates after they have been fully transformed into animals and mythical creatures, using the legitimate Hollywood makeup artists. Kristyan mallet, the prosthetics artist, has done a great job with these looks. Sexy Beasts is a single-person matchmaking contest. This will allow for three potential matches to be paired up in full costumes. However, the idea behind the event is that the romance will come from personalities and natural attraction, not physical attraction. Only after the elimination of two contestants, will the costumes and makeup be taken off for the final coupling. Each person can then see their match.

You have to see this show to believe it! See the new trailer below for Sexy Beasts!

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The first season of Sexy Beasts will have six episodes and debuts on July 21. Six episodes will be included in the second season, which will also debut later in the year. Netflix’s two-season order is easier to accept due to the fact that these episodes were filmed already and were looking for a place to be filmed.

Sexy Beasts’ future at Netflix is clear. The streaming service decided not to continue with a new season. This coincidental timing was just what it took. However, the disappointment remains. Sexy Beasts will be available on Netflix starting Wednesday, July 21. This is right during the 2021 Summer TV season.