The main question that all Manifesters have is, aside from all the cliffhangers in season 3, whether fan-favorite shows have been preserved for Manifest season 4. Unfortunately, we have no good news. We’ll need to wait.

Manifest was canceled in June by NBC. However, it found success on Netflix once the first two seasons had been streaming. Netflix failed to save the series as it once did when it tried to save Lucifer and Designated Survivor.

Manifest remained the top streamer show despite Netflix’s passing. It has seen some of the best streaming numbers for the past 12 months. It’s the small show that could, and it’s one of my favorite shows.

Cast, creator, and viewers have not lost faith in Manifest season 4. However, it won’t happen in August. Netflix announced the complete list of new shows and movies coming to Netflix in August 2021. Manifest was not on that list.

Is Manifest Season 4 Happening?

Manifest continues to rise to new heights on Netflix despite uncertainty. This forced NBC, as well the streamer, to reconsider its decision to ax the cult show. Both of them have reentered talks to walk back on their passes.

It’s unclear if either party has made a formal decision on Manifest’s future, but it certainly looks better than it did just one month ago. While Manifest season four isn’t happening yet, there’s still a strong possibility that something positive will come out of these discussions.

Manifest Season 4 Netflix Release Date Predictions

There has yet to be a formal announcement from Netflix and NBC regarding their future with Manifest so it is difficult to know when a new season might hit our screens. But it is safe to assume that, with the time allocated for writing and production, we won’t see the big comeback until mid-to late-2022.

Manifest’s next Netflix release could be different depending on where the new season or iteration is located. Manifest Season 3 is still not available on Netflix. Think about the impact that one more season could have on the show’s ratings and the decision to return the series to complete its run.