Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba’s future was always in doubt during his time at Manchester United. However, it has never looked as perilous this summer – even though it is strangely understated.
Mino Raiola his agent caused controversy seven months back when he stated that Pogba was not happy at United and that his time at Old Trafford was “over.” The super-agent,’ who referred to former club Juventus in his upcoming destination, earmarked this summer for Pogba’s departure.

Tuttosport reported that he said to him, “Maybe Juventus might be Pogba’s new club… why not?”

“The relationship between Paul and Juventus is great.

“But because of his COVID impact, many clubs won’t be able to sign him. Manchester United has to go.

“Yes, Paul Pogba may return to Juventus. He’s not happy at Manchester United.
Raiola’s hysterical remarks came as United was about to face a critical Champions League group stage encounter. United was eventually eliminated from the competition.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the immense credit of ensuring that, despite the controversy surrounding the Frenchman’s return to the club, he kept the team together and got the best performance out of Pogba.

However, in a cruel twist and turn of fate, Pogba’s contract will expire after he has reached the level United paid him so much for. To make matters worse, the 12-month extensions are not available.

Paul Pogba

United Nations must act. It is urgent to act.

Pogba has a commanding position. With 12 months left on his deal, he can either force through a transfer this summer with United not wanting to lose such a valuable asset for nothing or stay for another season. He could begin negotiations with foreign clubs beginning in January to discuss his next move.

Real Madrid is in such financial trouble that a free transfer could be the only way for him to achieve the move he previously called a “dream”.

Paris Saint-Germain was linked. They would not have any problems raising the cash.
Pogba has been playing his best football in Turin since his days as a player under a manager who is familiar with him. At a club that matches his ambitions for transfer business, perhaps he will sign a new deal and decide to stay. That would be fantastic! Problem solved. There’s nothing to worry about.

United will need to replace him, and there may be no better time than now to sign Eduardo Camavinga.

The 18-year-old is taking the world by storm. He already has three caps for France and 82 senior appearances at Rennes. He plays with youthful confidence, never fearing to touch the ball, is open to new challenges, and always seeks to be adventurous. Influence the game.

This sounds familiar?

Pogba already has so much potential and such talent, it’s hard to find a better replacement. He is also available this summer.

Camavinga’s current contract is up for renewal in a year. Rennes president Nicolas Holveck admitted that a sale is possible in the current window.

Holveck says that the discussions are still ongoing. Everything is open to either a departure within this transfer window – if everyone accepts – or to extend his contract.

“He won’t go for cheap. There have been many discussions but no agreement.”
Rennes claimed that Camavinga was not worth anything. This is despite Rennes’ low status. Reports suggest Camavinga could sell for PS25.7million, which is quite a bargain considering the high prices paid for other teenage prodigies.