Granada is enjoying this season in the League, in Europe, and the Cup. Although it suffered in the final stretch as a result of Caye Quintana’s goal, the talent of Soro and Fede Vico when they team up, and the smell of a Jorge Molina, who keeps falling goals from his pockets at 38 years old, gave him to reach the eighth of the Copa del Rey. The locals put pride, which is non-negotiable, especially at the end, but the goal was insufficient to force at least the extension.

From the beginning, the rojiblancos took over the ball with the permission of a rival who was clearly waiting, without exposing too much, the cons. Milla was trying to create but in those initial bars, it seemed mission impossible to find spaces. It was time to be patient until the talent appeared. And it was Soro the first to look out and force a foul on the edge of the area. Licking his lips Fede Vico asked for the ball saw the gap in the barrier, finished low, and was also fortunate that the ball was deflected enough to catch Juan Soriano off-foot and open the scoring.

And when Pellicer’s men were recovering from the blow, the final jug of ice water arrived, brought directly from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. A steal of the ball in the upper zone, a change of direction by Eteki, a dribble by Soro that left Alexander without a waist, and a luxury assist so that Jorge Molina only had to push her into the net.

The only Malaguista appearance, an almost unintentional header from Orlando Sá with his back to the goal that Vallejo took out, after colliding with his goalkeeper, half a meter from the goal line. Little baggage to face the second half against a Granada with a lot of definition.

The Malaguista team needed more offensive production if they wanted to come back. But the minutes passed and Milla and Eteki prevented access, becoming even stronger in midfield. Malaga began to stretch, to loosen up in the attack. The entry of Chavarría and Caye gave them more depth, but it was with the appearance of Joaquín that they finally demanded Aaron.

 it was Joaquin himself at the head who tested the formerly blue and white youth squad. And then, Caye Quintana, after a free blow, which he did not forgive to reduce distances. The joy and tranquility of Granada disappeared with that goal. They had spaces to run, but they did not trust. And well they did because the locals squeezed a lot, even with Soriano joining the attack in desperation. But there was no way to force the extension and Granada was the winner of this duel between neighbors and brothers to advance in the Cup.