Do you have a dream to play the role of an actor in a famous series? That’s great! Lupin with Omar Sy, the French TV series, is currently looking for an actor for a crucial role in season 3.

Lupine Is Back On Netflix For A Season 2!

It is one of the biggest boxes for 2021! Lupin, a French series broadcast on Netflix from January 8, has been a huge success all over the world.

It was indeed the most-watched series on Netflix in many different countries, just days after its launch. According to Netflix, the series would be the most-watched non-English-speaking series with nearly 70,000,000 views per month. This is exactly what it does!

Netflix series has something to seduce you! The story of Assane Diop, played in the role of Omar Sy, is inspired by Arsene Lupin, the hero.

Twenty-five Jahre ago, Assane lost his father to a crime he had not committed. Assane is inspired today by Arsene, the burglar gentleman Arsene Lupine, to take revenge on him.

After a season 1 and 2 series in 2021, Netflix will bring back the thrilling Season 3. Filming will begin in Paris at end of the year and will continue through summer 2022.

Bruno, a brand new character, will make an appearance in this season’s second season. This little thug adds spice to Netflix’s series!

Castro, a casting company, is looking for actors to play this role. This is your chance!

An Actor In Demand For A Major Role!

Castro, a casting agency, is looking for an actor who will play Bruno during season 2 on Netflix’s series Lupin. The actor who plays it will also have a recurring part!

The new character, who is a popular one, is a little thug. It promises! It will certainly spice up a series that has already wowed us with its twists.

Castprod is currently looking for a 17-year-old young man of North African and Caucasian heritage to play Bruno in the Netflix series. Please note that the filming will occur in Paris between October 25, 20,21 and August 31, 2022. Attention locals