Lucifer would have a 7th season on Netflix if wishes were fish. This is the old saying. Fans have had to endure the drama surrounding the show’s history of being canceled. However, Lucifer season 6 will be the official end of the show’s beloved run.

Following the cancellation at Fox, Lucifer got picked up by Netflix. The finale of season 3 left many doors wide open. Both the showrunners and the cast wanted to offer closure to those who had been following the story for years.

The Netflix pickup was only meant to last for one season. It gave the show a fourth and final series. However, the show’s popularity on the streaming service gave it new life.

There Will Be No Lucifer Season 7

After Lucifer season four was a huge hit, Netflix decided to give the show another season, with 16 episodes divided into two parts. Season 5 part 1 debuted in 2020, but then the pandemic delayed the debut of season 5 portion 2. The second half premiered in May 2021.

Many fans were thrilled to learn that Netflix, along with Joe Henderson and showrunners IldyModrovich, gave the show a sixth, and final, season. Lucifer Season 6 has already begun filming and should arrive by the end of 2021.

Lucifer is a Netflix show that almost ended after just three seasons. However, it has enjoyed great success. Supporters from other shows have used the Lucifer model where they can shop for canceled shows and then upload them to Netflix.

Manifest was canceled after three seasons at NBC. Fans pushed Netflix to get the show, given that Manifest had been the No. It was the No. 1 streaming show. Netflix pulled Manifest. However, fans believe there is hope.

Lucifer will be ending with Season 7, but there are some consolations in knowing that Lucifer lasted three seasons before it was canceled. Lucifer can still be viewed online by fans who want to continue the story.